Hero Image Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology

Jobs You Can Get With A Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology students at every level study the intersection of human psychology and the law. While some careers in this field require a graduate degree, there are plenty of forensic psychology jobs for graduates with a bachelor’s degree.

Because of their keen understanding of human behavior and criminology, graduates with bachelor’s degrees make excellent candidates for positions in fields like law enforcement and social services. You could spend your entire career in these fields having earned solely a bachelor’s degree, or you may fill these (mostly entry-level) positions while you pursue a master’s. Either way, this guide outlines several options for recent graduates with degrees in forensic psychology.

What Is Forensic Psychology?

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Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology careers include much more than working as a licensed counselor. Bachelor’s in forensic psychology jobs include police officer, community service manager, and probation officer. Check out the sections below for more information about entry-level jobs in forensic psychology.

  • Police Officer

    Description These law enforcement officers patrol their assigned areas and enforce applicable laws. They respond to emergencies, enforce traffic laws, and file the necessary paperwork. Each police department sets its own requirements for candidates. In some cases, applicants need only an associate degree or high school diploma. However, a bachelor’s degree can set candidates apart from the competition.
    Median Annual Salary $63,380
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> 5%

  • Social Science Research Assistant

    Description These professionals work alongside researchers who study social science. They carry out administrative tasks, including entering data, cleaning laboratories, preparing reports, and making fact sheets. In some situations, they may also complete statistical analysis. These professionals typically work within universities.
    Median Annual Salary $46,640
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

  • Social and Community Service Manager

    Description These professionals implement programs that help their communities. They may work in hospitals, religious centers, nonprofit organizations, or government agencies. In these roles, they identify needs within their communities and design programs that attempt to meet those needs. Community and social service managers may specialize in helping specific populations, such as children or the homeless.
    Median Annual Salary $65,320
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28) 13%

  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators

    Description After several years as a police officer, you can earn a promotion to a position as a detective or criminal investigator. These law enforcement professionals analyze evidence from crime scenes and conduct investigations to help bring offenders to justice. An understanding of psychology and criminology can help candidates for these positions.
    Median Annual Salary $81,920
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

  • Probation Officer

    Description These officers manage the cases of people on probation before their trials or in place of jail time. Probation officers must maintain files on each case, inform clients of their restrictions, connect clients with the resources they need, and ensure that people do not violate the terms of their probation.
    Median Annual Salary $53,020
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> 3%

  • Medicolegal Investigator

    Description These professionals investigate deaths that are unexplained, suspicious, or violent. They go to the scene of death to collect evidence and work alongside the coroner to determine the cause of death. The American Board of Medicolegal Investigators recommends that candidates earn undergraduate degrees in any subject related to forensic science or natural science, which can include forensic psychology.
    Median Annual Salary N/A
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

Jobs You Can Get With a Master’s in Forensic Psychology

Many forensic psychology jobs require candidates to hold a master’s degree. Below, we have listed a few careers available to students who earn a master’s degree.

  • Juvenile Offenders Counselor

    Description These forensic psychology professionals provide mental health counseling and case management services to minors who have committed crimes. They may work in detention centers or group homes for teenagers. Juvenile offenders counselors have the authority to diagnose mental health disorders. They offer treatment through methods like talk therapy and group counseling.
    Median Annual Salary N/A
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

  • Forensic Social Worker

    Description Forensic social workers help evaluate criminal defendants and other parties involved in the legal system. They use their knowledge of the law and human behavior to help courts answer legal questions about people. They may work in clinics, as independent contractors, or within law firms.
    Median Annual Salary N/A
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

  • Jury Consultant

    Description These specialized professionals help legal teams interview and select potential jurors before trials begin. They must have thorough knowledge of psychology and criminology, which master’s degrees in forensic psychology provide. Jury consultants may work for law firms full time or as independent consultants.
    Median Annual Salary N/A
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

Jobs You Can Get With a Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology

A terminal degree not only allows graduates to fill forensic psychology jobs in academia or work as forensic psychologists, but it also leads to higher salary potential.

  • Forensic Psychologist

    Description These specialized psychologists study criminal behavior or specific crimes. They can work as part of academic teams to understand why crime happens and how to prevent it. Forensic psychologists may also work alongside investigative teams to uncover criminals and serve as expert witnesses in criminal trials.
    Median Annual Salary N/A
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> N/A

  • College Professor

    Description With a Ph.D. in forensic psychology, candidates lead college courses in the subject. Additionally, postsecondary professors conduct research and publish studies in academic journals. Most universities require professors to hold a doctoral degree in the area they teach.
    Median Annual Salary $78,470
    Projected Growth Rate (2018-28)> 11%

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