Online Psychology Degree Programs in Ohio

Ohio residents who aspire to careers as behavioral and mental health practitioners are well situated in this Midwestern state. Potential students can choose from a lengthy list of well-regarded public and private psychology programs in Ohio, many of which boast programmatic accreditation by the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA).

Ohio has no shortage of mental health facilities, including Harding Hospital and the Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry. The breadth of choices for psychology students, combined with a stable economy, can make this state an especially attractive one. Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that Ohio jobs in psychology will grow by 21% by 2026.

Mental Health Initiatives in Ohio

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Ohio was one of five states that led the nation in drug overdose deaths during 2015. The state's unintentional overdose death rate increased by 642% over a five-year span. Today, its Department of Health reports that roughly 8 Ohioans die every day from drug overdoses. In light of these numbers, it's unsurprising that authorities have focused their mental and behavioral health services on statewide substance abuse and prevention services. The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has launched initiatives targeted toward acute and chronic pain patients, pain management prescribers, pharmacists, and first responders.

Understanding that stress, change, and unexpected upsets can jeopardize a recovering substance abuser, the state also offers robust recovery support resources. The state also provides assistance with housing, employment, and benefits. The state of Ohio supports numerous other mental and behavioral health issues including gambling, alcohol abuse, and suicide prevention.

How do I Become a Psychologist in Ohio?

As in most states, clinical psychologists in Ohio can either address general behavioral and mental health issues or can specialize in areas of interest. If you're an aspiring psychology practitioner in Ohio, it's important to understand your choices. Below, we've broken down the steps to state licensure in psychology.

Choose the Path That's Right for You: The state of Ohio licenses psychologists, school psychologists, and behavioral analysts under specific criteria. It's important to keep these rules in mind as you consider psychology programs in Ohio. All practicing psychologists must hold a doctoral degree and must have met the required minimum supervised experience hours that correspond with their program's APA or CPA accreditation status. Behavioral analysts must hold at least a master's degree.

Earn Your Degree: Because there are many great psychology programs in Ohio, you can choose an educational format that best suits your needs. If you're just starting, you may find that traditional brick-and-mortar programs interest you. If you're juggling work or family commitments, the flexibility of an online psychology degree in Ohio may be appealing. Regardless, keep in mind that Ohio state licensure requirements differ based on a program's APA or CPA accreditation. Also consider each program's time to completion and clinical experience content.

Earn Your License: If you graduate from an accredited psychology Ph.D program in Ohio, you should be adequately prepared for licensing exams. Ohio psychologist licensure involves four steps: applying to the Ohio Board of Psychology; submitting a PLUS Application or applying for senior or reciprocity licensure; sitting for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP); and passing an oral exam. Applicants for school psychology and behavioral analyst licensure must meet separate clinical and educational experience requirements.

Psychology Licensing in Ohio

Mental and behavioral health practitioners can achieve licensure in several areas. Though the process is similar across the U.S., individual states set their own standards and rules surrounding licensure. The Ohio State Board of Psychology amended its licensing law in 2015 by changing requirements for graduates of programmatically accredited psychology Ph.D programs in Ohio. For Ohioans planning careers in psychology, we've eliminated the confusion surrounding licensure and broken the steps down in this table.

Licensed Psychologist


  • Doctorate in psychology from regionally accredited program
  • 3,600 hours supervised experience, 1,500 to 2,000 of which must be in approved pre-doctoral internship;
  • Post-doc experience is required where no programmatic accreditation exists (post-doc experience may be waived in some circumstances where programmatic circumstances exist)
  • New license registration ($300)
  • PLUS Application ($450)
  • EPPP ($600)
  • Oral exam

Careers Available With This License:

  • Therapist
  • Counselor
    • Total Fees: $1,350

Licensed School Psychologist


  • At least a master's in school psychology from an accredited college
  • Four years of school psychology experience within the Ohio Dept. of Education
  • New license registration ($300)
  • Praxis-II School Psychology Exam ($120)
  • Oral exam

Careers Available With This License:

  • School psychologist
  • School counselor
  • Interventionist
    • Total Fees: $420

Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst


  • At least a master's degree
  • 1,500 hours of supervised clinical experience
  • Graduate certificate in behavior analysis
  • BCBA certification ($355)
  • Application to pre-certification workshop ($125)
  • New license registration ($300)

Careers Available With This License:

  • Behavior analyst
    • Total Fees: $780

Psychology Internships and Fellowships in Ohio

Students in psychology programs may complete an internship, fellowship, clinical hours, or combination of all three. An internship involves supervised entry-level work and may be paid or unpaid. Interns can be undergraduate or graduate students. A fellowship involves a period of advanced training after a degree is completed. Fellows are usually doctoral or graduate students and almost always receive a stipend and benefits. Post-baccalaureate psychology programs may use this terminology interchangeably, so it's wise to research thoroughly. In general, graduate students complete internships or fellowships; doctoral students complete doctoral internships; and graduates of doctoral programs conduct postdoctoral fellowships. Below we've listed three post-baccalaureate training options.

  • Cleveland Clinic: This one-year postdoctoral clinical psychology fellowship takes place in an outpatient setting. It focuses on chronic headache, multiple sclerosis, behavioral sleep medicine, bariatric medicine, or chronic pain. Students may elect to continue a second year. Living stipend is included.
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital: Based in the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders, the two-year Trueman postdoctoral fellowship trains psychologists for evidence-based care of autistic children and their families. Fellowship includes a non-tenure-track faculty position at the University of Ohio and a living stipend.

Psychology Careers in Ohio

Licensed clinical and school psychologists enjoy a wealth of career opportunities in Ohio. As U.S. Census Bureau data shows, the state's general population and economy are both stable. Clinicians may opt for sole or group private practice, while researchers and educators can affiliate themselves with one of Ohio's universities. School psychologists can work within one of Ohio's many public or private schools or can practice independently in private or group practices. Ohio psychologists who specialize in drug abuse prevention and treatment could find more amenable job markets in counties that report higher drug overdoses. Although the problem is statewide, drug-related deaths in 2016 were more common in Ohio's southwestern and far northeastern corners.

How Much do Psychologists Make in Ohio?

Pay for clinical psychologists varies according to location, clinical experience, professional credentials, and academic history. Where you live can significantly impact your salary. As the table below illustrates, licensed psychologists in Ohio earn an annual mean wage that is slightly lower than the national average. However, these numbers represent a statistical mean of wages in the entire state. Licensed psychologists working in metropolitan areas can usually expect compensation that is adjusted for higher costs of living.

  Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Ohio 3,110 $35.43 $73,700
United States 122,310 $38.77 $80,640

Source: BLS

Mental Health Service Providers in Ohio

Students pursuing campus-based or online psychology degrees in Ohio should be aware of behavioral and mental health service providers in the area. As you progress through your studies, local mental health facilities may offer internships, fellowships, or full-time employment. We've listed a small sampling of Ohio's mental health service providers below.

  • Access Ohio: Based in Columbus, the Access Ohio Mental Health Center of Excellence is a for-profit outpatient, inpatient, and residential facility. In addition to general population mental healthcare, this facility delivers addiction intervention and recovery care to Medicaid patients.
  • Crossroads: Dedicated to the behavioral health needs of children, adolescents, and their families, Crossroads offers partial residency, outpatient, school and community, and early childhood mental healthcare.
  • Step by Step Academy: This private nonprofit mental health facility is devoted to the needs of patients with autism, developmental disabilities, and mental illness. Its services include an outpatient clinic, speech-language pathology, and community outreach.
  • Community Support Services: Devoted to improving the lives of Summit County residents with severe mental illness, this organization facilitates case management, employment solutions, affordable and safe housing, and medical treatment.
  • The Recovery Center: Fairfield County residents who struggle with mental health issues or alcohol, drug, or gambling addictions are eligible for this organization's services. The facility offers crisis intervention, chemical dependency, and chemical co-dependency treatment.

Mental Health Research Centers in Ohio

If you're enrolled in a traditional or online psychology degree in Ohio and aspire to a career in research, a survey of local mental health research centers can point you toward internships, fellowships, or even full-time work after you've completed your doctorate. We've listed some of Ohio's research centers below.

  • Lindner Center of HOPE: Cincinnati-based Lindner Center offers comprehensive mental healthcare including short-term residential, inpatient, and outpatient services. Research is conducted with the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Research focuses on better diagnosis and treatment of behavioral and mental health disorders.
  • Midwest Clinical Research Center: Located in Dayton, this research facility is dedicated to the development of new medication therapies for mental health diagnoses. Functioning as a host site for clinical trials, MCRS is well-regarded for its strict adherence to research protocol.
  • Depression Treatment and Research Clinic: This research center is operated in conjunction with the Ohio State University Psychological Services Center in Columbus. Departmental research focuses on cognitive behavioral therapy in depressive disorders.

Professional Organizations for Mental Health Professionals

The networking opportunities that a professional organization can offer are often worth the membership cost. Joining one of these associations can immediately put you in contact with other psychologists in Ohio. Networking with professional peers can not only broaden your perspective on Ohio's mental health issues, but it can also open the door to collaboration on research or special projects. Other perks include job boards, continuing education resources, and grant funding. Below, we've listed a sample of professional organizations for psychologists in Ohio.

  • Ohio Psychological Association: This organization advocates for the future of the profession and the patient. Members educate the public on mental health and the mind-body connection. Member benefits include career assistance, continuing education resources, and discounted services.
  • Ohio School Psychologists Association: This association seeks to advance the profession of school psychologists through educational opportunities, networking events, and a jobs board.
  • The Ohio Association for Behavior Analysis: Members of this professional organization enjoy benefits like continuing education opportunities, discounted prep materials for the BCBA examination, and frequent networking events.

Scholarships for Online Psychology Programs in Ohio

Michael Sullivan Diversity Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is awarded by the Ohio Psychology Association to support graduate-level research and training related to diversity and inclusion. Projects or research must address multiculturalism and inclusionism.

  • Amount Offered: Up to $500 per year
  • Scholarship Deadline: January 5
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must be a full-time student in good standing.

Ohio War Orphans Scholarship

Administered by the Ohio Board of Regents, this undergraduate scholarship is intended for Ohioans whose parents died or were severely disabled in combat.

  • Amount Offered: 90% of tuition and general fees (public) or $6,398 (private)
  • Scholarship Deadline: May 15
  • Eligibility Requirements: Recipients must have a 2.0 GPA, be full-time students, and be under age 25.

Point Foundation LGBT Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to graduate or undergraduate students who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Amount Offered: Varies
  • Scholarship Deadline: January 30
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, community involvement, leadership, and financial need.

APF Walter Katkovsky Scholarship

Awarded by the APA's foundation, this one year postdoctoral scholarship funds psychopharmacology training and healthcare team collaboration.

  • Amount Offered: $5,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 1
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must have graduated from APA-accredited doctoral program and plan to conduct fellowship at APA-accredited program.

APF Beth Rom Rymer Scholarship

Awarded by the APA's foundation, this one year postdoctoral scholarship funds psychology students undergoing psychopharmacology training.

  • Amount Offered: $5,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 1
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicant must have graduated from APA-accredited doctoral program and plan to conduct fellowship at an APA-accredited program.

Alkire Research Scholarship

This award is intended for third-year or fourth-year undergraduate students majoring in psychology at Ohio State University. Funds are to be used to defray research costs.

  • Amount Offered: $2,900
  • Scholarship Deadline: March 1
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, show research potential, have a 3.3 GPA, and be enrolled full-time at OSU.

Piyu C. Ko Memorial Scholarship Award

This scholarship is awarded to third-year or fourth-year undergraduate psychology majors who intend to pursue further study in master's or doctoral programs in psychology.

  • Amount Offered: $800
  • Scholarship Deadline: March 1
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, have a 3.5 GPA, and be full-time students at OSU.

Filipino American Psychology Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to Filipino-American graduate students in psychology pursuing licensure.

  • Amount Offered: $500 plus mentorship
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 1
  • Eligibility Requirements: Recipients must be senior undergraduate students or graduate students.

NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program

These need-based scholarships are awarded to students who plan to pursue careers in biomedical, behavioral, and social sciences research. In exchange, recipients agree to two service commitments with the NIH.

  • Amount Offered: Up to $20,000 per year for tuition and related expenses
  • Scholarship Deadline: March 15
  • Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must meet criteria for exceptional financial need, have a 3.3 GPA, and be enrolled full-time.

University Graduate Scholarship

Awarded by the University of Cincinnati, these funds are granted to full-time students pursuing master's or doctoral programs in psychology. Some awards entail part-time work commitments.

  • Amount Offered: 100% tuition waiver
  • Scholarship Deadline: Varies per year
  • Eligibility Requirements: Recipients must be enrolled full-time and demonstrate academic achievement.

Accreditation for Online Psychology Programs in Ohio

There are three kinds of accreditation: national, regional, and programmatic. Schools with national accreditation provide a specific style of education, like trade school or vocational school. If you're interested in an online psychology degree in Ohio, your program may have accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission. Regional accreditation, which is more prestigious than national accreditation, signifies that a school has fair admissions policies and sound academic programs. In Ohio, regionally accredited schools are evaluated by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Programmatic accreditation is less common, but signifies that a program has met an industry-established standard. Programmatic accrediting bodies are often professional organizations that focus on a specialty topic. For example, if you're an interested in a master's in psychology online in Ohio, you may seek a program with accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education. Alternatively, aspiring doctoral students may find a Ph.D accredited by the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System or APA.

Program Database of Online Psychology Programs in Ohio

If you're considering a career as a psychology professional, you can expect to invest a significant portion of your life into your education and training. It's crucial to understand the choices before you in order to set clearly defined goals. This database contains key information on all accredited traditional and online psychology degrees in Ohio.

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