Online Psychology Degree Programs in Florida

With more than 140 colleges, including public and private institutions, psychology programs in Florida rate among the top in the nation. This is largely the reason that the state's number of psychologists is expected to increase nearly 30% by 2024. Similarly, the number of mental health and substance abuse social workers is projected to rise from 3,570 to 4,430, a 24% increase. Both projections outpace the expected 10% and 19% growth in these occupations, respectively, nationwide. A leader among the states, Florida is dedicated to providing mental healthcare for its residents.

Mental Health Initiatives in Florida

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Florida served an estimated 214,000 people in 2016. The Florida Department of Children and Families offers the Substance Abuse and Mental Health (SAMH) Program to provide an array of services. The Florida Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) teams provide 24/7, comprehensive care to enable people with severe and chronic psychiatric disorders to live independently with treatment, rehabilitation, and various support services. The state also offer crisis stabilization through mental health residential treatment programs that provide an alternative to hospitalization for those suffering through an acute crisis. Outpatient help offers a therapeutic environment to prevent patients' mental deterioration. Furthermore, Florida's aftercare services include relapse prevention education to help individuals recognize warning signs of regression and educational services like day treatment, case management, and self-help centers.

How do I Become a Psychologist in Florida?

Choose the Path That's Right for You: First, you should earn a bachelor's degree in one of the several psychology programs in Florida, where you can learn the fundamentals of the field before pursuing an advanced degree. You must earn a graduate degree and may need to enroll in a Ph.D program if you wish to ultimately counsel patients or teach at a college level.

Earn Your Degree: To balance personal and professional demands like family and work, consider the convenience an online psychology degree in Florida affords. Once you earn your bachelor's degree, you can pursue a master's in psychology online, which typically takes about two to three years to complete. Earning your Ph.D takes an additional two to four years of study and many hours of hands-on experience.

Earn Your License: Obtaining your license to practice psychology in Florida requires a doctorate degree and 4,000 hours of supervised experience. Then, you'll need to pass the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP), a test comprised of 225 multiple choice questions. Your doctoral program must be accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). The application, initial licensure, and unlicensed activity fees total $305.

Psychology Licensing in Florida

The type of license you need after completing your online psychology degree Florida program depends on the occupational path that interests you most. This table offers examples of psychology licenses and careers available with them.

Licensed Psychologist

Prerequisites: Ph.D, Psy.D, or Ed.D.; 4,000 hours of supervised clinical practice; EPPP.

Careers Available With This License:

  • Psychologist
  • University professor
  • Corporate executive

Total Fees: $305

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Prerequisites: Master's degree; 24 hours in theory of human behavior and practice methods including at least one course in psychopathology; supervised field placement during master's program; two years of post-master's supervised experience; Association of Social Work Boards exam; eight-hour laws and rules course; three-hour HIV/AIDS course; two-hour domestic violence course.

Careers Available With This License:

  • LCSW
  • Special education teacher

Total Fees: $205

Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT)

Prerequisites: Master's degree; at least three semester hours in specific areas of study such as dynamics of marriage and family systems and personality theory; at least one practicum with a minimum of 180 direct client contact hours; two years of post-master's supervised experience; Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards exam; eight-hour laws and rules course; three-hour HIV/AIDS course; two-hour domestic violence course.

Careers Available With This License:

  • MFT
  • Nonprofit director

Total Fees: $205

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC)

Prerequisites: Either a master's degree from a program accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs with at least 60 semester hours of clinical and didactic instruction or a related degree with specific coursework in topics likes counseling theories and practice; 1,000 hours of university-supervised field experience; two years of post-master's supervised experience; National Board for Certified Counselor exam; eight-hour laws and rules course; three-hour HIV/AIDS course; two-hour domestic violence course.

Careers Available With This License:

  • Licensed mental health counselor
  • Alcohol and drug abuse counselor

Total Fees: $205

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Prerequisites: Master's degree with at least one course in professional orientation to counseling and at least six semester hours of supervised field experience; at least 100 post-master's counseling hours over at least 24 months; endorsement from a professional colleague; at least 3,000 hours of postgraduate counseling hours; National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification or National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Examination.

Careers Available With This License:

  • NCC
  • Career counselor

Total Fees: $275

Psychology Internships and Fellowships in Florida

You can build on your studies in psychology by participating in an internship or fellowship. An internship can be either paid or unpaid and typically complements your degree program, while a fellowship is generally for graduate students and is almost always a paid position. Florida offers a myriad of internship and fellowship opportunities for those looking to gain experience in psychology.

  • Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI): Located at the University of South Florida, FMHI's Summer Research Institute helps students strengthen their research skills through an independent project under the guidance of a distinguished faculty member.
  • Miami-Dade County Community Action and Human Services Department: This APA-accredited internship within the Psychological Services Division is a predoctoral program in clinical psychology that introduces students to the entry-level role of a health services psychologist.

Psychology Careers in Florida

An online psychology degree Florida program allows you the flexibility to specialize in an area that interests you most. You might choose to become a military psychologist who supports veterans and active members of the armed forces, a media psychologist studying how media shapes our perspectives, or an educational psychologist who examines conditions that contribute to learning. Forensic psychology is also a popular choice. Those who enter this career, however, should be prepared to work on highly sensitive matters that may be criminal in nature.

How Much do Psychologists Make in Florida?

Your salary after completing your psychology degree in Florida depends on several factors: where you work in the state, your job description, your experience, and your specific degree. Furthermore, what you earn in Florida may be different than what someone with the same degree and experience earns in another part of the country.

  Employment Hourly Mean Wage Annual Mean Wage
Florida 1,470 $44.19 $91,920
United States 122,310 $38.77 $80,640

Source: BLS

Mental Health Service Providers in Florida

You might wish to work in a hospital, psychiatric facility, or therapy office after you complete your psychology studies. If you want to pursue a career in counseling, consider Florida's mental health service providers to determine which might be the ideal match for your skills. Below is a short list to jumpstart your search.

  • BayCare Behavioral Health: BayCare is the largest, community-based behavioral system in the Tampa Bay. It offers comprehensive mental health and substance abuse care tailored to the unique needs of adults, adolescents, and children.
  • Chrysalis Health: Chrysalis offers care for mental health disorders through a team of dedicated therapists and helps people conquer substance abuse problems. Additionally, Chrysalis provides child welfare services, such as counseling for those who have suffered abuse.
  • Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health: Devereux is one of the state's most comprehensive child welfare and behavioral health organizations, providing services to young people with developmental disabilities and related challenges. The facility offers inpatient psychiatric care, case management, and community programs in more than 25 counties.
  • Center for Discovery: Serving those suffering from eating disorders, substance abuse, and mental health disorders, the Center for Discovery provides residential treatment for children, adolescents, and adults. It also serves those who inflict self-injury or self-harm.
  • Lifestream Behavioral Center: Lifestream provides behavioral healthcare, case management, and rehabilitation services to adults, adolescents, and children. Established in 1969, it primarily serves residents of Lake and Sumter Counties.

Mental Health Research Centers in Florida

If you are passionate about psychological research, consider pursuing a career that allows you to investigate important questions by collecting and analyzing data. Below, we've listed a few of Florida's top research centers.

  • Florida Clinical Research Center: This facility collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to test the safety of medications that treat various mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, and schizophrenia.
  • Behavioral Medicine Research Center: Located at the University of Miami within its Department of Psychology, this center leads funded research to understand the biomedical, psychosocial, and sociocultural aspects of behavioral health with an interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff.
  • Mental Health Center of Florida (MHC Florida): Founded to integrate the mental health need of individuals with innovative care at a low cost, and boasting a multilingual staff, MHC Florida offers comprehensive psychological care for those contending with mental health disorders, thanks to ongoing research and analysis.

Professional Organizations for Mental Health Professionals

Students and graduates should consider joining a professional organization for mental health professionals. These organizations help you network with colleagues and potential employers. You can also learn more best practices in the field and the latest innovations in psychology through the conferences and symposia these organizations host.

Scholarships for Online Psychology Programs in Florida

College Fund of Pinellas County Grant

This fund provides renewable grants to residents of Pinellas County who demonstrate significant financial need in addition to a federal Pell Grant

  • Amount Offered: $1,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: July 28
  • Eligibility Requirements: Permanent address in Pinellas County; U.S. citizen; at least a 3.0 high school GPA or at least a 2.0 college GPA; full-time college enrollment; Pell Grant recipient

Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties Scholarships

Support for local students in Palm Beach and Martin Counties to pursue higher education, with over 1,500 young people receiving a total of $6.1 million in financial support for their college studies since 1983

  • Amount Offered: Varies
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 1
  • Eligibility Requirements: High school graduate of either Palm or Martin Counties; financial need; full-time college enrollment; academic achievement

Christ Resurrection Power Assembly Scholarship Awards

Support for students who have demonstrated service to the Lord and their fellow man, who either intend to enroll in an accredited school in Jacksonville or whose family is a permanent resident of the city

  • Amount Offered: $1,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 14
  • Eligibility Requirements: Either a resident of Jacksonville or family resides in Jacksonville; at least a 3.0 GPA

Dunkin' Donuts South/Southwest Florida Scholarship Program

College funds for academically accomplished young people who have engaged in community activities, demonstrate work experience, and contend with unusual family circumstances

  • Amount Offered: $1,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: April 29
  • Eligibility Requirements: Graduate of high school in the Palm Beach Treasure Coast, Greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale, or Ft. Myers-Naples; at least a 3.5 GPA; full-time college enrollment; financial need

ESA of Florida Youth Scholarships for Families of First Responders

Established in 1996, these scholarships promote goodwill among those who work in electronic life safety and security, police officers, and firefighters by providing financial support for their children to attend college

  • Amount Offered: Up to $8,500
  • Scholarship Deadline: March 25
  • Eligibility Requirements: Academic achievement; national test scores; an essay describing their parent's work as a first responder

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

An automatically renewable scholarship for students who maintain the required GPA and complete the Florida Financial Aid Application by August 31

  • Amount Offered: Varies
  • Scholarship Deadline: June 6
  • Eligibility Requirements: A Florida high school diploma; enrollment in either a public or independent postsecondary institution for at least six non-remedial semester hours

Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Support for either the dependents or descendants of workers killed during employment who received benefits through the Florida Workers' Compensation Law

  • Amount Offered: $6,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 28
  • Eligibility Requirements: At least a 2.7 high school GPA or a 3.0 college GPA with a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester

George D. Cornell Honors College Scholarships

Merit-based, renewable support for residents of Florida who attend the Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University, with funding available to recipients over their four years of undergraduate study

  • Amount Offered: Up to $15,000/year
  • Scholarship Deadline: Varies
  • Eligibility Requirements: Academic achievement

Right Fit $5,000 Scholarship

A one-time, non-renewable scholarship for a middle-income student enrolled in an accredited college or university who resides in Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco Counties

  • Amount Offered: $5,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: April 30
  • Eligibility Requirements: Resident of Hillsborough, Pinellas, or Pasco Counties; U.S. citizen; high school student; 3.0 GPA

Salute to Education

Funds through a collaboration with the Miami-Dade and Broward County Ford and Lincoln Dealers and Ford Motor Company have totaled more than $3.7 million to date

  • Amount Offered: $1,000
  • Scholarship Deadline: February 3
  • Eligibility Requirements: Enrollment in either a Miami-Dade or Broward County public or private high school with a 3.0 GPA

Accreditation for Online Psychology Programs in Florida

An accredited school's standards have been verified by an education authority like the U.S. Department of Education (ED) or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Accredited institutions provide students with the highest quality coursework. The ED and CHEA recognize six regional accreditation bodies: North Central, New England, Middle States, Southern, Northwest, and Western Associations of College and Schools.

The ED and CHEA both offer accreditation to schools with online degree programs. In addition, Florida requires that you earn your degree from an APA-accredited program if you want to acquire your license in the state.

Program Database of Online Psychology Programs in Florida

The database below provides information to help you explore psychology programs in state with data about each of Florida's accredited psychology programs available online.

Program Database

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