Sports Psychology Jobs You Can Get With A Degree

Sports psychology merges psychology and medicine to help athletes recover from problems such as performance anxiety, off-field personal problems, and physical injury. Sports psychologists also teach athletes, coaches, and trainers to use optimization strategies to improve their performance.

A relatively new field, sports psychology offers plenty of career opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 14% growth in clinical psychology occupations from 2018 through 2028. Continue reading for an overview of potential career and educational paths that will help you decide if this interesting, rewarding career might be for you.

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Jobs You Can Get With a Bachelor’s in Sports Psychology

Bachelor’s degree holders in this field can look forward to a wide range of jobs in sports psychology, such as rehabilitation therapist, high school sports advisor, and athletic trainer.

  • High School Sports Advisor

    High school sports advisors counsel college-bound student-athletes to ensure they understand college admissions and athletics. They also advise student-athletes recruited by professional sports agents to help them understand their options and retain their college eligibility. A bachelor’s in sports psychology covers such topics as performance psychology and evaluation and feedback, which teach skills for this career.

    Salary: $33,780

    Growth Outlook: 11% (2018-2028)

  • Athletic Trainer

    Athletic trainers work with athletes ranging from young children to sports professionals. As first responders when an athlete gets hurt, they specialize in diagnosis, treatment, and injury prevention. Bachelor’s programs provide classroom and clinical training in anatomy, biology, nutrition, and physiology to prepare graduates for this job.

    Salary: $47,510

    Growth Outlook: 19% (2018-2028)

Jobs You Can Get With a Master’s in Sports Psychology

Master’s in sports psychology jobs typically increase in scope, responsibility, and salary potential. Advanced degree-holders may qualify for such high-level positions such as professional team coaches, applied sports psychologists, and college professors.

  • Applied Sports Psychologist

    Applied sports psychologists counsel athletes, parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and other fitness professionals on the mental aspects of success in sports, such as concentration, goal setting, motivation, stress management, and visualization. Master’s programs in applied sports psychology include classes in neuropsychology and physiological bases of performance, assessment of teams and individuals, and mental strength and conditioning.

    Salary: $79,010

    Growth Outlook: 14% (2018-2028)

  • College Professor

    Professors of sports psychology develop curricula, teach classes, conduct research, and publish their findings. Faculty at four-year institutions typically need a doctoral degree; a master’s degree provides a pathway to a Ph.D. program. Some colleges hire master’s degree holders, particularly those with practical experience obtained through internships or clinical work.

    Salary: $78,470

    Growth Outlook: 11% (2018-2028)

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