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The Encyclopedia of Psychology
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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • The Functions of Postpartum Depression

    Loss of interest in the infant is a prominent symptom of postpartum depression (PPD). Evolutionary approaches to parental care suggest that parents will not automatically invest in all offspring, and should reduce or eliminate investment in their children if the costs outweigh the benefits. Numerous studies support the correlation between PPD and lack of social support or indicators of possible infant health and development problems. (in pdf format)

    Added: February 14, 2000 Hits: 858

  • Understanding the Victims of Spousal Abuse

    Beyond conscious hope and relief is an unconscious process of traumatic bonding, learned in infancy and relearned as intimacy is interwoven with abuse. This phenomenon appears in the bizarre attachment of some hostages to their captors known as the "Stockholm Syndrome." It explains why some victims love their abusers.

    Added: February 14, 2000 Hits: 4775

  • Values and Morals Clarification

    Kohlberg's evaluation of moral decisions was based on the quality of the reasoning behind a person's decision, rather than whether or not some specific behavioral decision was made. The thinking process used by some in stage 6 to decide what is fair and reasonable in a moral dilemma is called "second-order Golden Rule role taking".

    Added: February 14, 2000 Hits: 4093

  • Psychodynamics of Political Correctness

    Political correctness represents a regression in university functioning in which paternal influences are repudiated and a biparental model of authority is replaced by one revolving around a primordial conception of the mother.

    Added: February 13, 2000 Hits: 2556

  • The Relationship Between Fatherly Affirmation and a Woman's Self-esteem

    This study investigated the relationship of fatherly affirmation to women's self-esteem and other psychosexual characteristics. Female university student completed questionnaires that measured their perception of their father's unconditional positive regard for them, perceptions of their father's feelings about their mother, self-esteem, fear of intimate relationships, comfort with their womanhood, and comfort with sexuality.

    Added: February 13, 2000 Hits: 3190

  • Skeptic's Dictionary: koro (shook yang)

    Koro is a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of penis shrinkage and retraction into the body, accompanied by panic and fear of dying.

    Added: February 12, 2000 Hits: 669

  • Stanley Milgram

    Stanley Milgram is a pioneer in psychology who is well remembered for his work with obedience to authority. He looked at the reasons that the average person would obey an authority figure although they knew that they were harming an innocent third party. This research was prompted by the events of the Holocaust and later the Nuremberg Trials in which Eichmann defended his actions of genocide as following orders.

    Added: February 12, 2000 Hits: 7182

  • New hope for people with schizophrenia

    At the heart of the recovery movement is the idea that instead of focusing on the disease or pathological aspect of schizophrenia--as does the medical model--emphasis is placed on the potential for growth in the individual. That potential is then developed by integrating medical, psychological and social interventions.

    Added: February 10, 2000 Hits: 1233

  • Consciousness, Folk Psychology, and Cognitive Science

    Cognitive science and neuroscience can of course refine and improve upon the folk understanding of consciousness, awareness, and mental states generally. But the folk-psychological constructs should not be jettisoned; they have a role to play in cognitive theorizing.

    Added: February 9, 2000 Hits: 4401

  • The Psychology of Folk Psychology

    The phrase 'folk psychology' often bears a narrower sense than the one intended here. It usually designates a theory about mental phenomena that common folk allegedly hold, a theory in terms of which mental concepts are understood. In the present usage, 'folk psychology' is not so restricted. It refers to the ordinary person's repertoire of mental concepts, whether or not this repertoire invokes a theory.

    Added: February 9, 2000 Hits: 2410

  • Tourette Syndrome fact sheet

    Tourette syndrome (TS) is an inherited, neurological disorder characterized by repeated involuntary movements and uncontrollable vocal (phonic) sounds called tics. In a few cases, such tics can include inappropriate words and phrases.

    Added: February 9, 2000 Hits: 671

  • Scientific Validity of Polygraph Testing: A Research Review and Evaluation

    Added: February 8, 2000 Hits: 1055