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The Encyclopedia of Psychology
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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Group Dynamics: Therapy, Research, and Practice

    Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice publishes original empirical articles, theoretical analyses, literature reviews, and brief reports dealing with basic and applied topics in the field of group research and application.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 1104

  • Journal of Counseling Psychology

    The Journal of Counseling Psychology publishes empirical research in the areas of (a) counseling activities (including assessment, interventions, consultation, supervision, training, prevention, and psychological education), (b) career development, (c) diversity and underrepresented populations in relation to counseling activities, (d) the development of new measures to be used in counseling activites, and (e) professional issues in counseling psychology.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 1233

  • Journal of Family Psychology

    The Journal of Family Psychology is devoted to the study of the family system from multiple perspectives and to the application of psychological methods of inquiry to that end.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 736

  • Professional Psychology: Research and Practice

    Professional Psychology: Research and Practice publishes articles on the application of psychology, including the scientific underpinnings of the profession of psychology. Articles that present assessment, treatment, and practice implications are encouraged.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 413

  • Psychoanalytic Psychology

    Psychoanalytic Psychology is the second largest psychoanalytic journal in the United States and the third largest psychoanalytic journal in the English language. It is the only psychoanalytic journal published by the American Psychological Association. Psychoanalytic psychology is defined broadly so that empirical studies, clinical, and theoretical papers are represented in the journal from a wide spectrum of theoretical orientations.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 661

  • Psychological Assessment

    Psychological Assessment publishes mainly empirical articles concerning clinical assessment. Papers that fall within the domain of the journal include research on the development, validation, application, and evaluation of psychological assessment instruments.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 558

  • Psychology and Aging

    Psychology and Aging publishes original articles on adult development and aging. Such original articles include reports of research that may be applied, biobehavioral, clinical, educational, experimental (laboratory, field, or naturalistic studies), methodological, or psychosocial.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 874

  • Psychology of Addictive Behaviors

    The Psychology of Addictive Behaviors publishes peer-reviewed original articles related to the psychological aspects of addictive behaviors. Articles on the following topics are included: (a) alcohol and alcoholism, (b) drug use and abuse, (c) eating disorders, (d) smoking and nicotine addiction, and (e) other compulsive behaviors (e.g., gambling).

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 2351

  • Psychology of Men and Masculinity

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 838

  • Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

    The Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition publishes original experimental studies on basic processes of cognition, learning, memory, imagery, concept formation, problem solving, decision making, thinking, reading, and language processing.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 3684

  • Neuropsychology

    Neuropsychology focuses on (a) basic research, (b) the integration of basic and applied research, and (c) improved practice in the field of neuropsychology. The primary function of Neuropsychology is to publish original, empirical research on the relation between brain and human cognitive, emotional, and behavioral function.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 996

  • Health Psychology

    Health Psychology is a scholarly journal devoted to furthering an understanding of scientific relationships between behavioral principles on the one hand and physical health and illness on the other.

    Added: March 12, 2000 Hits: 1612