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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • DocuTrac Software for Behavioral Health

    Practice Management/Billing and Electronic Clinical Documentation for behavioral and mental health professionals and agencies.

    Added: September 29, 2009 Hits: 2032

  • E-Prime Extensions for fMRI

    Added: August 21, 2009 Hits: 266

  • E-Prime Extensions for Tobii

    Added: August 21, 2009 Hits: 234

  • Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

    Psychology professional association dedicated to behavioral and cognitive therapy. Information for the public and for professionals about cognitive behavioral therapy.

    Added: August 14, 2009 Hits: 708

  • Scribe 4 Behavior Analysis Software

    Scribe 4 is an optimally flexible data analysis program that permits users to label events in live observations or in QuickTime movies, summarize event timings, and play back labeled events in customized configurations. Scribe 4's output presents (1) chronological records of event timings, (2) interactive timelines representing coded behavior, and (3) summary tables that describe data recorded over the course of observation intervals. Scribe 4 can record data directly from QuickTime movies, linking the data record to the video file. This permits users to replay labeled events in ways that illuminate relationships among variables of interest.

    Added: August 13, 2009 Hits: 652

  • Aurora RT

    Aurora RT is a free presentation tool which allows text, images and shapes of different colours to be displayed on screen. In addition to displaying these different objects, the application also logs any keyboard or mouse clicks generated by the user.

    Added: August 4, 2009 Hits: 3393

  • Life Span and Disability: An Interdisciplinary Journal

    Life Span and Disability, founded in 1998, promotes interdisciplinary research about psychological, social, educational, rehabilitative and neuro psychological aspects of the human life span. The aim is to give diffusion to the scientific studies of persons who have to cope with cognitive and emotional and interpersonal problems ? for transient or persistent reasons ? in the different periods of the life, when specific existential events (e.g., adolescence, lost of work, retirement, end of fertility, normal and pathological aging) could cause disease or actual disability. The neuropsychological and social aspects of Intellectual Disability, and the strategies to enhance the cognitive rehabilitation and the quality of life of these persons, were a main target in the published studies.

    Added: July 28, 2009 Hits: 129

  • BMCASE Case Management Software

    Added: July 9, 2009 Hits: 2743

  • Multimode Stroop Test

    This program offers the classic, emotional and pictorial forms of the Stroop test. Researchers may add their own content for the emotional and pictorial forms, output is a CSV file showing reaction times and choices - ideal for dropping into a spreadsheet for analysis.

    Added: July 8, 2009 Hits: 1515

  • PsychMate

    Added: July 2, 2009 Hits: 7050

  • National Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Directory

    UK Drug Rehab provides basic information on the subjects of addiction and related matters, and incorporates a National Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Directory. The purpose is to encourage those who are experiencing drug and alcohol problems to seek the help they need to address their problems.

    Added: June 30, 2009 Hits: 122

  • Neuroscience Forums

    Neuroscience forums from Neuroscience News. Neuroscience forums for neuroscience students, neuroscientists, neuroscience research professionals and fans are free to join.

    Added: June 29, 2009 Hits: 294