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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Parenting Tips and Strategies offers helpful advice for parents of children 2-12 and teenagers as well as advice on surviving the college years.

    Added: October 16, 2000 Hits: 828

  • Children and Sleepwalking

    Sleepwalking (Somnambulism) is a series of complex behaviors that are initiated during slow wave sleep and result in walking during sleep. Medical reports show that about 18% of the population are prone to sleepwalking. It is more common in children than in adolescents and adults.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 3420

  • Depression and Anxiety

    Depression and Anxiety welcomes original research and synthetic review articles covering molecular, genetic, biopsychosocial, neurochemical, neuropsychological, physiological, behavioral, sociological, psychodynamic, psychotherapeutic, cognitive and pharmacotherapeutic aspects of mood and anxiety disorders and related phenomena in humans and animals.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 2265

  • International Journal of Eating Disorders

    The Journal publishes basic research, clinical, and theoretical articles of scholarly substance on a variety of aspects of anorexia nervosa, bulimia, obesity and other atypical patterns of eating behavior and body weight regulation in clinical and normal populations. Full-length articles or brief reports addressing psychological, biological, psychodynamic, socio-cultural, epidemiologic, or therapeutic correlates of these clinical phenomena are welcome.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 1446

  • International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

    The aim of the Journal is to communicate the results of original research in the causes, treatment and care of all forms of mental disorder which affect the elderly. Topics covered include epidemiology of mental disorders in old age, clinical aetiological research, post-mortem pathological and neurochemical studies, treatment trials and evaluation of geriatric psychiatry services.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 341

  • Parasomnias - Arousal Disorders Information

    The Parasomnias are disorders that intrude into the sleep process and create disruptive sleep-related events. These behaviors and experiences occur usually while sleeping, and are most often infrequent and mild. They may happen often enough or become so bothersome that medical attention is required.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 868

  • SleepQuest: Treating Sleep Disorders

    The consequences of pervasive sleep deprivation and undiagnosed sleep disorders are collectively one of our nation's biggest and most serious health problems. A single sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, is now known to afflict 30 million Americans.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 1088

  • Nature Neuroscience

    Nature Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary journal that aims to publish papers of the highest quality and significance in all areas of neuroscience. It welcomes contributions in molecular, cellular, systems and cognitive neuroscience, as well as psychophysics, computational modeling and diseases of the nervous system.

    Added: October 15, 2000 Hits: 232

  • Society of Biological Psychiatry

    The Society of Biological Psychiatry was founded in 1945 to emphasize the medical and scientific study and treatment of mental disorders. Its continuing purpose is to foster scientific research and education and to raise the level of knowledge and comprehension in the field of psychiatry.

    Added: October 14, 2000 Hits: 521

  • Biological Psychiatry

    This international rapid-publication journal, sponsored by the Society of Biological Psychiatry, covers the whole range of psychiatric neuroscience. Both basic and clinical contributions are encouraged from all disciplines and research areas relevant to the pathophysiology and treatment of major neuropsychiatric disorders.

    Added: October 14, 2000 Hits: 774

  • Cognitive Science Society

    The Cognitive Science Society, Inc. brings together researchers from many fields who hold a common goal: understanding the nature of the human mind. The Society promotes scientific interchange among researchers in disciplines comprising the field of Cognitive Science, including Artificial Intelligence, Linguistics, Anthropology, Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Education.

    Added: October 12, 2000 Hits: 1707

  • Unlikely Events and Coincidence

    Pseudoscientists frequently take advantage of this inability of people to understand the nature of coincidence. Thus coincidences that are hardly remarkable are passed off as "miracles" that can only be explained by ESP, intervention by benevolent Space Brothers or guardian angels, etc. The failure to understand the odds is particularly noticeable when one hears about feats of alleged psychics, fortunetellers, astrologers, and others who claim to foresee future events.

    Added: October 11, 2000 Hits: 1533