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The Encyclopedia of Psychology
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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Applied Psycholinguistics

    Applied Psycholinguistics publishes original research papers on the psychological processes involved in language. It examines language development and defects in adults and children with and without developmental disabilities. Articles in Applied Psycholinguistics address the nature, acquisition and impairments of language expression and comprehension, including writing and reading.

    Added: March 19, 2001 Hits: 1623

  • An Introduction to Neural Networks

    A brief overview of what neural networks are, various algorithms, and some uses of neural networks.

    Added: March 19, 2001 Hits: 1757

  • Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy

    Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy is an international multidisciplinary journal aimed primarily at members of the helping and teaching professions. Published quarterly, the journal features original research papers, covering both experimental and clinical work, that contribute to the theory, practice and evolution of behaviour therapy.

    Added: March 19, 2001 Hits: 1673

  • Social Psychology

    The social sciences are dedicated to understanding the human condition, ideally to the extent that the singular and collective behaviors of human beings can be understood and even predicted. Though their goals are identical in the abstract, these "sciences" differ in terms of their way of looking at things, the questions they ask, the methods they use in addressing these questions, and what they do with this information once they obtain it.

    Added: March 19, 2001 Hits: 7967

  • Electronic Journals and Periodicals

    A relatively complete index of psychologically related electronic journals, conference proceedings, and other periodicals.

    Added: March 18, 2001 Hits: 1786

  • Instructions to Reviewers: A Satirical Commentary

    Biting satire on the academic paper review process.

    Added: March 14, 2001 Hits: 2015

  • Raising Teens: A Synthesis of Research and a Foundation for Action

    This report provides a synthesis of major research findings on the parenting of adolescents,with an emphasis on findings that have achieved widespread agreement among leaders in the field. Based on an analysis of over 300 recent reviews of research and practice, this report distills these findings into short,clear summaries and messages that can be conveyed to parents and others in parenting roles.

    Added: March 13, 2001 Hits: 909

  • Operant Training

    Definitions and examples of behaviors, reinforcers, and schedules of reinforcement.

    Added: March 8, 2001 Hits: 3150

  • GVG: A Promising Strategy for Treating Addiction

    GVG, or gamma vinyl-GABA, appears to prevent the biochemical and behavioral effects of nicotine and cocaine in much the same way it prevents an epileptic seizure: by altering the way brain cells talk to one another.

    Added: March 7, 2001 Hits: 681

  • Lateral Interactions in the Cortex: Structure and Function

    In the last few years, several new results on the structure, development, and functional role of lateral connectivity in the cortex have emerged. These results have led to a new understanding of the cortex as a continuously-adapting dynamic system shaped by competitive and cooperative lateral interactions. This book brings together eleven computational investigations, each from a slightly different perspective and level aiming to explain what function the lateral interactions could play in the development and information processing in the cortex.

    Added: March 2, 2001 Hits: 570

  • McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web

    More than 100 articles on depression and bipolar - from diagnosis and treatment to personal essays and experiences - plus discussions, newsletter, and annotated links.

    Added: February 26, 2001 Hits: 569

  • Talk About Sleep

    Talk About Sleep is a sleep information community providing content about healthy sleep and sleep disorders, support chats, and message boards. Information is updated weekly. Patient victory stories and other motivational information are included. Chat rooms are open daily, and scheduled chats are moderated by medical professionals and/or sleep patients.

    Added: February 20, 2001 Hits: 665