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The Encyclopedia of Psychology
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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Panhellenic Psychological Association

    Panhellenic Psychological Association is a professional organization of psychologists throughout Greece for the advancement of psychology as a science and profession. Details of membership, publications, conferences, information and news.

    Added: January 16, 2002 Hits: 487

  • Secret Life of the Brain

    The Secret Life of the Brain reveals the fascinating processes involved in brain development across a lifetime. This website provides material to complement the 5 part PBS series.

    Added: January 11, 2002 Hits: 1102

  • Models of Memory

    A set of web-based Java applets demonstrating a number of simulation models of human memory.

    Added: January 6, 2002 Hits: 11035

  • O.R.T. Institute

    O.R.T. Institute is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Object Relations Technique. The ORT is a projective technique for personality assessment, in which the subject writes a brief story for each of 12 stimulus images. The Institute provides a variety of materials and services to researchers and practitioners with an interest or involvement in the Technique, including the new standard and fully-authorized edition of the ORT Plates (stimulus materials), and the first comprehensive system for 'scoring' the ORT.

    Added: December 16, 2001 Hits: 668

  • National Register for Health Service Providers in Psychology

    The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology credentials psychologists for the national healthcare delivery system and is the largest credentialing organization for psychologists with twenty-five years of credentialing experience.

    Added: December 11, 2001 Hits: 893

  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

    The typical symptoms of SAD include depression, lack of energy, increased need for sleep, a craving for sweets and weight gain. Symptoms begin in the fall, peak in the winter and usually resolve in the spring. Some individuals experience great bursts of energy and creativity in the spring or early summer.

    Added: December 2, 2001 Hits: 963

  • Perspectives: A Primer on Narcissism

    A pattern of traits and behaviours which signify infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and ambition. Narcissism is named after the ancient Greek myth of Narcissus who was a handsome Greek youth who rejected the desperate advances of the nymph Echo. In punishment of his cruelty, he was doomed to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water.

    Added: November 23, 2001 Hits: 2002

  • Stammering and Stuttering Help, Advice and Information

    The Association for Research into Stammering in Childhood (ARSC) is committed to funding scientific research into the complex causes of stammering in, and the most effective treatments for, children and young adults.

    Added: November 21, 2001 Hits: 979

  • Criminal Profiling / Offender Profiling

    Research, news and articles on Offender Profiling, Forensic Psychology, Forensics, Victimology, Violent Crime and the Psychology of Serial Killers and Violent Offenders. Includes bookstore, reviews, and interviews.

    Added: November 14, 2001 Hits: 10107

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

    Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy is a peer reviewed journal concerned with the field of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Its remit is to promote standards of excellence and to act as a vehicle for the exchange of views and the dissemination of research throughout the public sphere. It publishes papers concerned with theoretical topics, clinical services, supervision, teaching, training and research.

    Added: November 4, 2001 Hits: 626

  • Facial Expressions

    The use of facial expression for measuring people's emotions has dominated psychology since the late 1960s when Paul Ekman, PhD, of the University of California, San Francisco and Carroll Izard, PhD, of the University of Delaware, reawakened the study of emotion by linking expressions to a group of basic emotions.

    Added: November 3, 2001 Hits: 8016

  • Attentional Processes in Compound Stimulus Processing by Pigeons

    Though originally conceptualized as a mechanism of discrimination learning, attention has more recently been investigated as a factor in information processing. Attention research in animals has generally been carried out by training pigeons on two separate matching-to-sample problems followed by testing with a compound of the two samples. When tested for one of the two sources of information in the compound sample, pigeons typically perform worse than on tests with either of the two original training samples presented alone. Recent research has shown, however, that pigeons are able to process multiple sources of information from some dimensions simultaneously with no accuracy deficit.

    Added: September 19, 2001 Hits: 2123