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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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To make changes to a listed resource, please email us at with URL of the resource, the issue, the fix and your name. This will allow you to send your request directly to our editors, who can then adjust the resource in short order.

Disclaimer: While we thoroughly vet all third party resources, we are not responsible for the information contained within a source we do not own. The views presented in the encyclopedia are not necessarily the views of our organization. Beyond hosting links to their material, we have no affiliation with these entities.

At any time, the owner of a resource may request his or her material be removed from our encyclopedia. If you have submitted a resource that does not belong to you, please note that we will comply with all DRM requests.

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  • Paradigm Elements for ASL Eye Trackers

    Paradigm Elements for ASL is the easy way to integrate your Paradigm experiments with an ASL eye tracker. Using a simple drag and drop interface you can add commands to your experiment to mark stimulus onsets and responses in your ASL eye data, mark and measure gaze durations over multiple areas of interest (AOIs), wait for gazes of a minimum duration, calibrate subjects, take screenshots for ASL Results analysis and much more. Visit our website for more details and try Paradigm Elements free for 14-days.

    Added: April 26, 2011 Hits: 102

  • Paradigm

    Stimulus Presentation Without Limitations. Paradigm combines the simplicity of a drag and drop experiment designer with the flexibility of integrated Python scripting making it perfect for a wide range of cognitive neuroscience, psychology and linguistics experiments. Paradigm offers drag and drop device integration with a wide range of EEG/EMG systems (ANT, BIOPAC, Neuroscan and BioSemi), Eye-Trackers (ASL) and fMRI systems. You can run your experiments anywhere using Paradigm Player without buying additional licenses. Student pricing starts at $99.99. Fully-featured free 14-day trial.

    Added: April 14, 2011 Hits: 1055

  • Psychology Cartoons by Savage Chickens

    Single-panel psychology cartoons drawn on sticky notes. Free to read online. Also available for licensing.

    Added: February 22, 2011 Hits: 765

  • ABA Articles and Free Materials

    Website established to provide informational articles about Applied Behavior Analysis and free teaching materials for use with ABA educational programs.

    Added: February 13, 2011 Hits: 1657


    An Online Practice Management System for Psychologists, Therapists, and Psychiatrists. TherapyNotes is web software designed specifically for Mental Health Practice Management. It's easy-to-use, secure, and the best management system available for your practice. Use Notes, Scheduling, To Do Lists, Billing, EMR, and many other features with TherapyNotes. Sign up and start using TherapyNotes today and receive a 30 Day FREE Trial!

    Added: February 4, 2011 Hits: 1243

  • Online Software Toolkit for Researchers

    Added: January 19, 2011 Hits: 730

  • Current Research in Psychology and Psychotherapy Blog

    Our goal is to offer a source of information about current research in the field of psychology and psychotherapy. Responsible for the blog is Dr. Rose Shaw, a licensed psychotherapist from Munich. The information is free of charge and is aimed at interested amateurs as well as professionals.

    Added: December 31, 2010 Hits: 240

  • Ennassor Behavioral Neuroscience Lab

    Ennaceur website provides video demonstrations and research protocols in the field of behavioral neuroscience using our own methodology and techniques for a comprehensive characterization of behavioral changes that results from newly discovered drug compounds, stem cells, or in newly engineered genetically animal models.

    Added: November 18, 2010 Hits: 1685

  • Genogram Analytics Software

    Genogram & Ecomap software, for PC & Mac, easy to use, college recommended for clinical, educational and forensic use. Demo version available

    Added: November 4, 2010 Hits: 3829

  • Online Directory of Psychology Degree Programs

    Search our hand-compiled online directory of psychology degree programs from 1,661 colleges and universities across the US, and learn about online education and psychology career paths.

    Added: November 2, 2010 Hits: 433

  • Psychological Theories - Psychology Articles

    Psychology Articles - A website that features relevant and important theories for psychology, cognitive science, education, mental health disorders etc.

    Added: October 22, 2010 Hits: 328

  • The Psychological Society

    The Psychological Society is the premier scientific association for psychologists and counselors in India and is committed in supporting quality practice, education and research in psychology.

    Added: October 20, 2010 Hits: 216