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The Encyclopedia of Psychology
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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Psychology Center Alboran

    An organization dedicated primarily to clinical psychology, on-line, distance, and in-person courses are offered in a number of clinical and applied areas.

    Added: November 24, 2003 Hits: 410

  • Psychological Research - Statistical Applets

    Statistical Applications for online computation of statistics, including means, standard deviations, percentiles, t tests, and random sampling and assignment.

    Added: November 22, 2003 Hits: 5836

  • North American Society of Adlerian Psychology

    NASAP was founded in 1952 by a small group of Adlerians under the leadership of Rudolf Dreikurs. Their purpose was to advance the understanding and application of Adlerian Psychology as well as promote effective approaches to living based on Adlerian psychology.

    Added: November 21, 2003 Hits: 633

  • International Society of Political Psychology

    ISPP's purpose is to facilitate communication across disciplinary, geographic and political boundaries among scholars, concerned individuals in government and public posts, the communications media, and elsewhere who have a scientific interest in the relationship between politics and psychological processes.

    Added: November 16, 2003 Hits: 467

  • Face The Issue

    Discusses and provides links about anorexia, abuse, alcoholism, bulimia, depression, drug abuse, and self-esteem problems.

    Added: November 3, 2003 Hits: 1121

  • Clinical Record Keeper

    A simple,user-friendly, but very capable record keeping system for psychologists. Runs on Windows.

    Added: November 3, 2003 Hits: 9785

  • Struggling to Learn

    The mission of this site is to put learning disabilities into perspective by profiling a variety of learning problems, treatments, and expert opinions. It is designed to give parents and teachers a better understanding of learning processes and potential reading, writing, math and attention difficulties, specific strategies and resources for responding, as well as the opportunity to hear from a range of learning disability experts.

    Added: October 23, 2003 Hits: 1321

  • Gerard Keegan and his Psychology Site

    Gerard Keegan & His Psychology Site is the first website of its kind dedicated to those studying SQA pre-university psychology in Scotland. Because of communality of course content it should also be useful to pre-university psychology students worldwide.

    Added: October 23, 2003 Hits: 7593

  • Dyslexia Symptoms & Dyslexia Signs

    A resource on the symptoms of dyslexia, including the possible effects of this disorder on math and handwriting.

    Added: October 22, 2003 Hits: 1327

  • Adolescent Substance Abuse

    Adolescent substance abuse offers help and information for parents of teens with drug or alcohol problems, addiction, and alcoholism.

    Added: September 22, 2003 Hits: 2917

  • NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) created the NIDA for Teens Web site to educate adolescents ages 11 through 15 (as well as their parents and teachers) on the science behind drug abuse.

    Added: September 21, 2003 Hits: 3282

  • Association for Humanistic Psychology

    Humanistic psychology is a value orientation that holds a hopeful, constructive view of human beings and of their substantial capacity to be self-determining. It is guided by a conviction that intentionality and ethical values are strong psychological forces, among the basic determinants of human behavior. This conviction leads to an effort to enhance such distinctly human qualities as choice, creativity, the interaction of the body, mind and spirit, and the capacity to become more aware, free, responsible, life-affirming and trustworthy.

    Added: September 15, 2003 Hits: 3038