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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • ClinicTracker Connect

    ClinicTracker is a behavioral healthcare practice management and EHR solution that provides comprehensive functionality for any behavioral healthcare practice including Intake, Discharge, Reporting, Scheduling, Claims & Billing, Decision Support, Testing Outcomes and much more.

    Added: April 3, 2012 Hits: 824

  • APA Division 15

    Division 15 of the American Psychological Association is a professional organization for educational psychologists.

    Added: March 7, 2012 Hits: 131

  • The Balanced Mind Foundation

    The Balanced Mind Foundation guides families raising children with mood disorders to the answers, support and stability they seek.

    Added: January 25, 2012 Hits: 6825

  • Childhood Psychiatric Disorders Key area of Child Health Concern

    Added: January 22, 2012 Hits: 402

  • Help for Depression

    Help for Depression provides a comprehensive explanation of the various approaches and treatments for depression as a critical starting point for individuals and/or their loved ones.

    Added: November 22, 2011 Hits: 67

  • OpenClinica Clinical Trial Software

    OpenClinica is free, open source clinical research software. It enables the electronic capture and managment of clinical trial data.

    Added: October 10, 2011 Hits: 1368

  • Psychology Concepts

    Overview of psychology, definitions and videos of the concepts of psychology.

    Added: September 3, 2011 Hits: 691

  • Online Textbook: Introduction to the Psychological Sciences

    This is the web site for Dr. Jeffry Ricker's Introductory Psychology course (PSY 101) at Scottsdale Community College. The site includes an online textbook: An Introduction to the Psychological Sciences.

    Added: August 25, 2011 Hits: 3090

  • Paradigm Elements for Ports (EEG and BIOPAC)

    Paradigm Elements for Ports is the easy way to create experiments for A-N-T, BioSemi, Neuroscan EEG and BIOPAC data collection systems. Using a simple drag and drop interface you can add commands to your experiment to send stimulus onset and response triggers, send multiple triggers at different points during movie or sound stimuli and send triggers to multiple devices simultaneously. Use Paradigm's built-in Python scripting interface for unlimited flexibility and control. Paradigm Elements for Ports lets you send triggers through a parallel port or DIO-24 port connection. Visit our website for more details and try Paradigm Elements free for 14-days

    Added: July 23, 2011 Hits: 112

  • Korean Psychological Association

    The purpose of the Korean Psychological Association (KPA) is to promote the development of psychology by providing members of a place to exchange academic information and cultivate friend ship, and to contribute to public interest by playing the role of disseminating the professional knowledge and applied technology of psychology to the society. The specific activity goals of this association to realize the above is as follows.

    Added: June 1, 2011 Hits: 110

  • Psychiatry EMR Software

    RevenueXL provides Psychiatry specific EMR / EHR for Psychiatry / Mental Health Practices and meets meaningful use criteria for an EHR. Suitable for small and mid sized Physician practices.

    Added: June 1, 2011 Hits: 381

  • Schizophrenic is a resource for people who are dealing with Schizophrenia. We provide educational information, opinions and views from people who have been there, and real-time community interaction via this site and

    Added: May 17, 2011 Hits: 103