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The Encyclopedia of Psychology
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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Personality Test Center

    A collection of professionally developed tests that help you to discover your personality type, individual personality traits and career alternatives.

    Added: August 12, 2004 Hits: 4435

  • Hank - Cognitive Modelling Environment

    Hank is a Cognitive Modelling Environment. designed to be easy to grasp by non-programmers, simple enough to use on paper, yet powerful enough to build models of non-trivial psychological theories. Hank is divided into two main parts, a database containing 'fact cards' and 'instruction cards' which define a model, and a question processor which answers questions by looking inside fact cards and obeying instruction cards, generating the model's behaviour. The question processor generates the model's behaviour using a workspace which looks like a comic strip storyboard of the model's behaviour.

    Added: August 3, 2004 Hits: 1260

  • Scientific Misconduct

    Fraud means serious misconduct with intent to deceive. Intent to deceive is the very antithesis of ethical behavior in science. When you read a scientific paper, you can agree or disagree with its conclusions, but you must be able to trust its account of the procedures used and the results produced by those procedures.

    Added: August 1, 2004 Hits: 970

  • Psychology Cartoons at

    Cartoonist Mark Anderson's psychology cartoons appear regulary in major publications including Reader's Digest, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes to name just a few. His psychology cartoons are available for your projects at reasonable fees.

    Added: July 31, 2004 Hits: 5777


    India's premier psychology portal offering a wide variety of information about researches and developments all round the globe in psychology and provide many services including online counselling, psychology guide, book-store and various interesting articles.

    Added: July 30, 2004 Hits: 1167

  • Centrum Cognitieve Gedragstherapie (CCGT)

    Dutch information website on psychotherapy and cognitive behaviour therapy. (In Dutch)

    Added: July 23, 2004 Hits: 924

  • Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children

    The Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children educates students, scholars, law-makers, and the community about a wide range of work and family issues including the effects of changing demographics and diversity on work-family balance, the business case for family-friendly workplaces, poverty issues for working families, and the relationships among stress, health, and child development. We approach our research from a number of disciplines including psychology, economics, sociology, and public policy to study the challenges that face working individuals, families, communities, and businesses and to effect change through the application of our research findings.

    Added: July 22, 2004 Hits: 1366

  • International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology

    Added: July 19, 2004 Hits: 862

  • Psychology Online

    Psychology online is a website with different psychological subjects like healthcare, iq tests, personality tests, descriptions of disorders, visual illusions and a psychology quiz.

    Added: July 16, 2004 Hits: 1761

  • JavaScript for Statistical Decision Making

    This site is a part of the JavaScript E-labs learning tools for statistical decision making. The applets are categorized in different topical areas of applications.

    Added: July 3, 2004 Hits: 960

  • Neural networks in MATLAB

    The NeuroSolutions for MATLAB neural network toolbox allows users to leverage the power of the most popular neural networks and powerful learning algorithms inside MATLAB.

    Added: June 10, 2004 Hits: 840

  • Free Resources for Methods in Social Research

    Links to free on line books, manuals, and articles on how to do social research, including surveys, interviews, observations and more. Also links to research about research methods, free software, and sites on how to present data. This site also has a review of free statistical resources.

    Added: June 7, 2004 Hits: 1149