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The Encyclopedia of Psychology is where we record and analyze the evolution of the field. On this page, you will find research submitted by third parties and reviewed by our team.

The information featured is meant for both casual consumption and professional research. We pride ourselves on hosting a strictly-reviewed collection of think pieces and data-driven investigations.

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  • Time to give up on a single explanation for autism

    Argues that there will be no single (genetic or cognitive) cause for the diverse symptoms defining autism. Evidence is presented of behavioral fractionation of social impairment, communication difficulties and rigid and repetitive behaviors.

    Added: October 22, 2006 Hits: 319

  • Center for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence

    The Center for Sport Psychology and Performance Excellence at the University of North Texas has a core of sport psychologists and sport consultants, both professional (Ph.D. level) and graduate student trainees who are committed to helping teams, athletes, any other high level performers or those aspiring to be, and coaches to perform at their most optimal levels.

    Added: October 2, 2006 Hits: 5583

  • Severe Social Anxiety

    Information and resources to stop severe social anxiety. Also includes sources to alternative income for those who have lost their job due to social phobia.

    Added: September 21, 2006 Hits: 367

  • Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics

    A free, full-length, and occasionally interactive statistics textbook.

    Added: September 14, 2006 Hits: 6439

  • VassarStats: Web Site for Statistical Computation

    Web Site for Statistical Computation

    Added: September 14, 2006 Hits: 715

  • The Brain from Top to Bottom

    A number of presentations on how the brain performs various tasks. Provides explanations at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

    Added: September 10, 2006 Hits: 627

  • Simply Psychology

    Articles, lecture slides, and activities for multiple areas of psychology, targeted at AQA A-level and psychology degree students

    Added: August 27, 2006 Hits: 4465

  • My Depression Connection

    User-friendly information on depression, covering the signs and symptoms, treatments, medications, causes, and more. Also hosts unique blogs on depression, by a patient and doctors.

    Added: August 22, 2006 Hits: 200

  • PsyCrit

    PsyCrit is a journal of commentary on published research articles in psychology and behavioral neuroscience. Its aim is rapid on-line publication of comments on and criticisms of experimental and theoretical articles.

    Added: August 17, 2006 Hits: 374

  • AlbaWrite Report Writing Software

    If your job involves writing reports which are similar in structure or contain blocks of similar text then AlbaWrite is for you. AlbaWrite creates reports by asking you a series of questions. Many of these questions can be answered just by clicking options using your mouse, others only require you to complete a sentence or paragraph which AlbaWrite starts for you. Once you have answered the questions AlbaWrite compiles your answers into a report in your word processing package.

    Added: August 16, 2006 Hits: 4897

  • Listening Skills

    Learning to listen so others can vent. Particularly useful to marriage relationships as well as friendships and counseling.

    Added: July 18, 2006 Hits: 561

  • Mediation of Interpersonal Conflict

    Download article or book on conflict management and mediation skills for dealing with interpersonal conflict.

    Added: July 18, 2006 Hits: 403