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  • Pitfalls of Data Analysis
    There seems to be a pervasive notion that "you can prove anything with statistics." This is only true if you use them improperly. In this workshop we'll discuss things that people often overlook in their data analysis, and ways people sometimes "bend the rules" of statistics to support their viewpoint. We will also discuss ways you can make sure your own statistics are clear and accurate. I will include examples from medicine, education, and industry.
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  • BrightStat
    Free online tool for statistical analysis. Its modular design and sophisticated interface makes it very easy to use. It provides parametric (t-Test, 1 way ANOVA, correlation, linear Regression,..) and non-pararmetric tests (chi-square, Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney, Friedman, Kruskal-Wallis,...), useful data handling functions and creates high resolution graphs.
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  • David Kremelberg's Statistics Resources
    This page includes a number of resources for statistics students. Currently, it has information and resources on Pearson's r, Chi-Square, t-tests, and ANOVA. This page also hosts a number of Excel templates which are designed to calculate these statistical tests step-by-step, allowing students who need to calculate these tests by hand to check their work.
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  • Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures
    The Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures initiative is designed to make statistical routines easily available via the WWW. The routines currently available have been divided into two categories, data analysis and educational. For the data analysis procedures, users need only choose the routine of interest and then enter the data as well as any other necessary information into a form or a Java applet. It's that simple. Results will be returned to the user's browser window or to a Java applet window.
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  • Numerical Recipes
    "Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing" is the title of a series of books developed by Numerical Recipes Software and published by Cambridge University Press. The complete Numerical Recipes books in C, Fortran 77, and Fortran 90 are available on-line, in both PostScript and Adobe Acrobat formats.
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  • Statistics for Psychology and the Social Sciences
    This website provides a free self-study course in Statistics for students in Psychology or other social science courses. It concentrates on the Statistical techniques most common to the experimental methods in the discipline of Psychology, although other disciplines that use experimental techniques may also find this course helpful.
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  • provides resources for teaching research methods and statistics. The site includes links to online demonstrations, descriptions of class demonstrations, suggestions for class/lab activities, class assignments, lecture materials, and/or student exercises.
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  • The Data and Story Library
    DASL is an online library of datafiles and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistics methods. We hope to provide data from a wide variety of topics so that statistics teachers can find real-world examples that will be interesting to their students.
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  • Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics
    The goal of this project is to provide free, high quality, interactive, web-based resources for students and teachers of probability and statistics. Basically, our project consists of an integrated set of components that includes expository text, applets, data sets, graphics, and other elements.
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  • WebStat
    WebStat is freely available data analysis software for use over the World Wide Web. WebStat should run on any of the three major platforms (Mac, PC, Unix). It only has the minimal requirement of a Java-capable Web browser which almost everyone on the Web now has.
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