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  • Accumedic Software for Behavior Health
    Complete Suite of Software Products for the Management of Behavior Health Organizations; Billing, Scheduling, Electronic Clinical Records,Eligibility Verification, Auto Remittance Posting, Custom Reports & More.
    (Added: 2-Jan-2007 Hits: 9514)
  • Advanced Psychotherapy Software - TheraQuick - for Mac & PC
    TheraQuick is a state-of-the art billing and practice management solution for mental health professionals. Users are praising it for the aesthetic, intuitive interface and unparalleled ease of use! TheraQuick will track client attendance, automate session charges, automate client billing, submit electronic insurance claims, process credit cards, prepare deposit slips, and much more. Download a free demo and view the videos on the Website.
    (Added: 12-Mar-2010 Hits: 8419)
  • AlbaWrite Report Writing Software
    If your job involves writing reports which are similar in structure or contain blocks of similar text then AlbaWrite is for you. AlbaWrite creates reports by asking you a series of questions. Many of these questions can be answered just by clicking options using your mouse, others only require you to complete a sentence or paragraph which AlbaWrite starts for you. Once you have answered the questions AlbaWrite compiles your answers into a report in your word processing package.
    (Added: 16-Aug-2006 Hits: 4896)
  • Anasazi Software
    Streamline your behavioral healthcare management process with comprehensive software from Anasazi Software. Our tailored software is designed in alliance with behavioral healthcare professionals.
    (Added: 28-Feb-2005 Hits: 4987)
  • provides a convenient, confidential, and cost-effective solution for caseworkers, clinicians, counselors, and other professionals who depend on valid measurement data for making important decisions.
    (Added: 14-Jun-2001 Hits: 7471)
  • Aurora RT
    Aurora RT is a free presentation tool which allows text, images and shapes of different colours to be displayed on screen. In addition to displaying these different objects, the application also logs any keyboard or mouse clicks generated by the user.
    (Added: 4-Aug-2009 Hits: 3392)
  • BMCASE Case Management Software
    BMCASE© is a comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Planning software package, designed specifically for Behavioral Health professionals. The software includes client demographics, Intakes, Diagnostic Interviews, Substance Audits, DSM IV Coding, Treatment Planning and ability to set goals in each of six dimensions (Acute intoxication/withdrawal potential; Biomedical conditions and complications; Emotional, Behavioral or Cognitive conditions and complications; Readiness to change; Relapse, continued use or continued problem potential; and Recovery environment).
    (Added: 9-Jul-2009 Hits: 2743)
  • Clinician's MIND
    Comprehensive, versatile billing and practice management software utilizing the latest national practice trends. Designed by Clinicians for Clinicians! Fully customizable and efficient practice forms. Quick and uncomplicated Electronic Claims, Remittance and Eligibility Submission. Comprehensive view of client records facilitates easy online authorization and data input. Feature rich: set up guide, embedded tutorials and tips, task and payment tracking, scheduler that auto-texts appointment reminders, DSM reference guide, customizable libraries, ledger, multiple reports, integrated browser, signature importing tool and much more... Free phone and Remote Desktop support. First 60 days free.
    (Added: 29-Dec-2012 Hits: 828)
  • ClinicTracker Connect
    ClinicTracker is a behavioral healthcare practice management and EHR solution that provides comprehensive functionality for any behavioral healthcare practice including Intake, Discharge, Reporting, Scheduling, Claims & Billing, Decision Support, Testing Outcomes and much more.
    (Added: 3-Apr-2012 Hits: 822)
  • COGENT: Cognitive Modelling Software
    COGENT is a powerful computational modelling system that provides teachers and researchers with a flexible environment within which to develop and explore symbolic and hybrid models of cognitive processes. The system provides a range functions that allow scientists to explore their ideas and theories without commitment to a particular architecture.
    (Added: 27-Dec-2003 Hits: 4108)
  • Confidant Software
    Confidant is the easy to learn, simple to use, low cost practice management and billing solution for small to medium-sized behavioral health practices. And, at the just-reduced price of $189, it is the sensible low-cost alternative to those high-priced and complicated products! Confidant manages client information, session notes, billing & more so that you can spend more time on clients and less on running your office. Download our free trial version today. URL:
    (Added: 16-Jan-2005 Hits: 5051)
  • Core Solutions, Inc.
    CSI is an emerging leader in providing software solutions to the behavioral heath and human services industries. Our Care Enterprise solution is an integrated, web based software to co-ordinate scheduling, clinical documentation, billing and accounts receivable functions.
    (Added: 6-Mar-2005 Hits: 2373)
  • Customized Experimental Psychology Software
    Affordable, customized computer programs specifically for psychology students who are undertaking a research thesis. Modify an existing experiment that you have read about, or have your own design computerized. An excellent way to save time and effort and get the best result from your thesis!
    (Added: 12-Aug-2005 Hits: 3872)
  • Delosis Psytools: cognitive assessment package for research
    Psytools is the first experimental assessment package to incorporate internet based task deployment and data gathering. This brings computer-based cognitive research to the study of large populations, and provides cognitive psychologists with both better access to their existing participants and an economical route to much larger studies. A sophisticated task language allows the construction of a huge range of different types of assessment from simple questionnaires to complex cognitive tasks measuring reaction time. The task administration software can be installed by your subjects onto their home computers or used in your own lab. Data is returned to the Psytools server providing simple access to the results of your entire test battery. A demonstration is available at our website.
    (Added: 13-Jul-2005 Hits: 2480)
  • DocuNimbus
    Psychology professionals take the pain out of repetitive report writing and save time. Start with one of our templates or make your own to fit your needs.
    (Added: 16-May-2013 Hits: 377)
  • E-Prime
    E-Prime® is a suite of applications to fulfill all of your computerized experiment needs. Used by more than 15,000 professionals in the research community, E-Prime® provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. E-Prime® provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data. E-Prime's flexibility to create simple to complex experiments is ideal for both novice and advanced users.
    (Added: 18-Nov-2008 Hits: 2840)
  • E-Prime Extensions for fMRI
    E-Prime® Extensions for fMRI (EEfMRI) software is designed to optimize E-Prime® experiments for fMRI research. EEfMRI allows you to synchronize the start of your experiment with the first scanner trigger pulse along with several valuable features to enhance the control you have over your experiment.
    (Added: 21-Aug-2009 Hits: 266)
  • E-Prime Extensions for Tobii
    E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii combines the power of E-Prime with easy to use Tobii eye trackers. The E-Prime® Extensions for Tobii includes the script necessary to integrate E-Prime with Tobii eye tracking technology. E-Studio’s graphical design interface allows users to drag and drop eye tracking functionality into existing E-Prime® experiments or to easily create new E-Prime® eye tracking experiments.
    (Added: 21-Aug-2009 Hits: 234)
  • EL Knife - data utility
    Data utility for reconfiguring multi-dimensional spreadsheet files. EL Knife gives researchers the freedom to acquire or enter data in whatever form is most convenient, without worrying about how it is to be used. El Knife will handle data divisible by up to four factors. Each factor may have any number of levels. The software will run under Macintosh OS 6, 7, 8, 9, OSX Classic, and Windows 3.1, 95, 98, Millenium, XP (or DOS).
    (Added: 6-Apr-2003 Hits: 650)
  • Empirisoft
    Empirisoft produces MediaLab and DirectRT, leading PC Software for creating experiments and questionnaires. They also supply high precision response hardware including keyboards, button boxes, mice, joysticks and custom input devices.
    (Added: 7-May-2004 Hits: 2090)
  • Exploring the Animal Mind
    Exploring the Animal Mind is a collection of Windows-based (Windows 98 or 95) software modules for teaching basic principles and advanced theories in animal cognition and behavior. They are designed to allow students to experience and interactively examine classic and modern methods for studying animal behavior.
    (Added: 25-Mar-2001 Hits: 1419)
  • Expyriment
    Expyriment is an open-source and platform independent light-weight Python library for designing and conducting timing-critical behavioural and neuroimaging experiments.
    (Added: 2-Oct-2012 Hits: 761)
  • Eye Lines Software for Experimental Psychology
    Eye Lines software for research and teaching in visual perception and sensory-motor processes. Rather than just present stimuli and collect responses, Eye Lines can record mouse movements and allows subjects to manipulate images in real time.
    (Added: 5-Feb-2001 Hits: 2615)
  • Eye tracking
    ASL is the authority on eye tracking and control. ASL is the pioneer in video-based remote, desktop and head-mounted eye trackers, software and hardware and integrated solutions for - scientific, automotive, defense, medical, marketing and usability applications
    (Added: 19-Sep-2012 Hits: 190)
  • Eye tracking Software
    ASL has developed expertise in a wide range of eye tracking technology areas and we’re ready to leverage this extensive experience to make your project a great success. We’re always expanding our expertise by designing software solutions at our Bedford, MA facilities capable of presenting a wide range of stimuli and analyzing almost any eye fixation or eye movement parameter. Through the years we have endeavored to build strong relationships with third party vendors to assist a growing research community to streamline eye tracking operations and data analysis.
    (Added: 19-Sep-2012 Hits: 136)
  • FePsy
    FePsy is a system for automated (neuro)psychological testing. It contains a set of computerized tests for cognitive (neuropsychological) functions and a relational database system for storage of the results.
    (Added: 24-Oct-2007 Hits: 2201)
  • Hank - Cognitive Modelling Environment
    Hank is a Cognitive Modelling Environment. designed to be easy to grasp by non-programmers, simple enough to use on paper, yet powerful enough to build models of non-trivial psychological theories. Hank is divided into two main parts, a database containing 'fact cards' and 'instruction cards' which define a model, and a question processor which answers questions by looking inside fact cards and obeying instruction cards, generating the model's behaviour. The question processor generates the model's behaviour using a workspace which looks like a comic strip storyboard of the model's behaviour.
    (Added: 3-Aug-2004 Hits: 1260)
  • Hot Potatoes
    The freeware Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.
    (Added: 1-Apr-2000 Hits: 2443)
  • HSS Systems
    Mental Health, Mental Retardation and drug and Alcohol billing and tracking software. Includes scheduling, productivity, treatment planner and assessment tools.
    (Added: 6-Dec-2005 Hits: 1345)
  • Inquisit by Millisecond Software
    Inquisit is the tool of choice for behavioral scientists throughout the world for creating custom questionnaires, reaction time tasks, signal detection tests, attitude measures, and experiments in cognition and perception.
    (Added: 27-Mar-2007 Hits: 2278)
  • jTRACE
    jTRACE is a freely-available re-implentation of the TRACE model of spoken word recognition. It is implemented in Java, and runs on any computer that supports Java (most computers will have this already). Researchers can run simulations quickly and easily, using code that has been validated against the original TRACE code. Advanced programmers can extend the jTRACE model to implement new behaviors.
    (Added: 5-Jan-2011 Hits: 216)
  • LabWriteUp
    This is an application that guides students through the process of writing up their lab experiments and research reports. Students can create a first draft using LabWriteUp and export their results to a word processor.
    (Added: 6-Dec-2006 Hits: 1076)
  • LearnBYit
    Psychology software for teaching and learning. 'Understanding correlation' is an interactive tutorial that can be used by students on a range of courses.
    (Added: 17-Apr-2005 Hits: 1028)
  • MouseTracker
    MouseTracker is a free, user-friendly software package that allows researchers to measure real-time hand movements from the streaming x, y coordinates of the computer mouse (while responses are made based on visual and/or auditory stimuli), and subsequently visualize, process, and analyze them. It contains both a data collection program where a researcher can specify stimuli files, timing, response options, among other parameters, and run participants through studies. MouseTracker’s analysis program can then visualize, process, and analyze the mouse movements. It was designed to be easy-to-use so that any researcher from any domain of psychology or cognitive science could reap the benefits of this new mouse-tracking technique.
    (Added: 2-Jun-2009 Hits: 982)
  • MPMsoft Therapist Billing Software
    Therapist Billing software that integrates patient demographics, appointment scheduling, claims and patient billing; and contains all the financial, clinical, and operational elements needed to run a successful practice.
    (Added: 10-Apr-2007 Hits: 2104)
  • Navon
    Navon is a small application which has been designed to allow the configuration and execution of small predefined experiments – these experiments, for those familiar with psychology, are called Navon Tasks. Individual tasks may be added to a list where, at run time, they are executed sequentially.
    (Added: 4-Aug-2009 Hits: 500)
  • Neuro Innovations
    Neuro Innovations provide EMDR software and NLP Swish, Map Across and flooding software utilities for psychotherapists and their clients. Use any laptop or desktop PC to administer EMDR and NLP using advanced psychotherapy software.
    (Added: 22-Jul-2007 Hits: 925)
  • Neurobehavioral Systems
    Neurobehavioral Systems aims to provide low-cost, high-precision software tools for clinical and research applications in neuroscience using standard PC computers. Presentation is a stimulus delivery program for psychological and neurophysiological experimentation that can deliver arbitrarily complex stimulus sequences with sub-millisecond temporal precision.
    (Added: 17-Oct-2000 Hits: 2936)
  • Neurolateral EMDR Software System
    The number one software system for EMDR clinicians! Guided eye movements, auditory and kinesthetic dual attention (bilateral) stimulation, relaxation tracks, ability to bilateralize your own music and CDs and more!
    (Added: 19-May-2008 Hits: 867)
  • Noldus' The Observer
    The Observer® XT is the most powerful software tool for behavioral observation and video analysis, used by over 15,000 professionals all over the world. It gives you the ability to code behavior any way you want and obtain accurate results which are ready for analysis. The Observer XT automatically synchronizes coded behavior with the video files of one or more cameras. Combine behavioral coding with questionnaires and individual interviews to gain new insight into your research all the while saving you valuable time compared to the traditional paper- and- pencil methods. For example, make video recordings of parent-child interaction and ask the parent to fill out a questionnaire afterwards.
    (Added: 1-May-2012 Hits: 1076)
  • Online Software Toolkit for Researchers
    ProtoGenie™ is a web based authoring toolkit for the design and execution of online research experiments. This suite of research design tools enables users to create experiments covering many types of research design, including mixed methods research design. ProtoGenie creates custom online “programs” or “scripts” called ProtoGenie Protocols that define and manage data collection events in psychological experiments, clinical trials, surveys, and other kinds of studies. Many powerful new features will soon be available on ProtoGenie 2.0.
    (Added: 19-Jan-2011 Hits: 721)
  • OpenPSY
    OpenPSY aims to make your research as seamless, painless and rewarding as possible. OpenPsy has five main components that are used to execute your psychology, behavioral, or social science research project/program in an efficient and effective manner.
    (Added: 28-May-2007 Hits: 2748)
  • OpenSesame
    OpenSesame is an open-source, graphical experiment builder. It sports an intuitive point-and-click interface and, for more complex tasks, Python inline scripting using the built-in editor with syntax highlighting.
    (Added: 30-Nov-2010 Hits: 793)
  • Optimism Mood Chart Apps
    Mood Chart applications that help people manage depression and bipolar disorder more effectively. They help in working out the triggers of illness, the early warning signs of a decline, and personal strategies that contribute to good mental health. Many clinicians are using the apps as integrative treatment tools. They run on Windows, Mac, online and the iPhone.
    (Added: 19-Aug-2010 Hits: 747)
  • Paradigm
    Stimulus Presentation Without Limitations. Paradigm combines the simplicity of a drag and drop experiment designer with the flexibility of integrated Python scripting making it perfect for a wide range of cognitive neuroscience, psychology and linguistics experiments. Paradigm offers drag and drop device integration with a wide range of EEG/EMG systems (ANT, BIOPAC, Neuroscan and BioSemi), Eye-Trackers (ASL) and fMRI systems. You can run your experiments anywhere using Paradigm Player without buying additional licenses. Student pricing starts at $99.99. Fully-featured free 14-day trial.
    (Added: 14-Apr-2011 Hits: 1053)
  • Paradigm Elements for ASL Eye Trackers
    Paradigm Elements for ASL is the easy way to integrate your Paradigm experiments with an ASL eye tracker. Using a simple drag and drop interface you can add commands to your experiment to mark stimulus onsets and responses in your ASL eye data, mark and measure gaze durations over multiple areas of interest (AOIs), wait for gazes of a minimum duration, calibrate subjects, take screenshots for ASL Results analysis and much more. Visit our website for more details and try Paradigm Elements free for 14-days.
    (Added: 26-Apr-2011 Hits: 102)
  • Paradigm Elements for Ports (EEG and BIOPAC)
    Paradigm Elements for Ports is the easy way to create experiments for A-N-T, BioSemi, Neuroscan EEG and BIOPAC data collection systems. Using a simple drag and drop interface you can add commands to your experiment to send stimulus onset and response triggers, send multiple triggers at different points during movie or sound stimuli and send triggers to multiple devices simultaneously. Use Paradigm's built-in Python scripting interface for unlimited flexibility and control. Paradigm Elements for Ports lets you send triggers through a parallel port or DIO-24 port connection. Visit our website for more details and try Paradigm Elements free for 14-days
    (Added: 23-Jul-2011 Hits: 112)
  • Polaris Health Directions
    Polaris Health directions develops automated outcomes systems for a variety of treatment popualtions, including mental health, substance abuse and the screening and monitoring of depression and anxiety in primary care and other medical settings.
    (Added: 22-Jan-2001 Hits: 917)
  • PracticePro Therapy Practice Management
    PracticePro Therapy Complete practice management application with clinical notes, session details, group therapy notes, statments, payments, and claims. Easily produce clinical notes, superbills, and invoices with the push of a button. Submit electronic claims direct, or to a clearinghouse.
    (Added: 5-May-2012 Hits: 715)
  • PsychAssistant
    Client management software with report generation. Unique automatically generated written evaluation/interview report.
    (Added: 14-May-2007 Hits: 3006)
  • PsychBook CMS
    A practice management system for psychotherapists, counselors, psychologists, and social workers. Documentation, scheduling, billing, and more in a powerful package written for therapists... not accountants.
    (Added: 16-Mar-2010 Hits: 1654)
  • PsychNotesEMR
    PsychNotes is a comprehensive web-based electronic medical records system offering psychologists full service charting, scheduling, scanning, document repository and billing support in a flexible user friendly remote access format.
    (Added: 2-Feb-2007 Hits: 2636)
  • Psychologist software
    Developed in collaboration with psychologists. Designed to meet the ethical requirements for record keeping.This software is currently in French but can be translated into English.
    (Added: 27-Dec-2012 Hits: 290)
  • PsychoPy
    PsychoPy is an open-source package for creating psychology stimuli in Python. PsychoPy combines the graphical strengths of OpenGL with the easy Python syntax to give psychophysics a free and simple stimulus presentation and control package.
    (Added: 26-May-2005 Hits: 1919)
  • PsychReport
    The PsychReport provides a full range of clinical case - patient management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of patients and clients. PsychReport is quickly becoming the standard for those who want flexibility without sacrificing convenience and ease-of-use. The PsychReport is available on Macintosh and Windows computers.
    (Added: 28-Sep-2007 Hits: 2872)
  • Psykinematix
    Psykinematix is a new OpenGL-based Software Package dedicated to Visual Psychophysics running on Mac OSX. It consists in a unique stand-alone application that does not require any programming skill to create and run complex experiments. Easy to use, subject-friendly, powerful and reliable, Psykinematix runs standard psychophysical protocols, presents complex stimuli, collects subject's responses, and analyzes results on the fly. Psykinematix is also a great learning tool to introduce visual perception and to illustrate psychophysical concepts to students.
    (Added: 21-Jan-2008 Hits: 651)
  • PsyTrace
    Integrated clinical record keeping, billing, and supervision or the mental health provider.
    (Added: 29-Jan-2007 Hits: 1801)
  • PXLab
    PXLab is a collection of Java classes and applications for running psychological experiments. The PXLab system allows interactive design of a wide range of experiments from all areas of psychological research. It includes a run time control system which runs experiments under highly optimized timing constraints.
    (Added: 4-Oct-2008 Hits: 1045)
  • Python Experiment-Programming Library
    PyEPL (the Python Experiment-Programming Library) is a library for coding psychology experiments in Python. It supports presentation of both visual and auditory stimuli, and supports both manual (keyboard/joystick) and sound (microphone) input as responses.
    (Added: 18-Mar-2006 Hits: 1521)
  • Rorschach Online Software
    This home page is for professionals or students that uses the Rorschach Test, therefore there is available to use in online mode a software that will aid you to make the Structural Summary for the comprehensive system of John Exner and another one to elaborate the Psychogram through the Bruno Klopfer's methodology.
    (Added: 26-May-2008 Hits: 1124)
  • Scribe 4 Behavior Analysis Software
    Scribe 4 is an optimally flexible data analysis program that permits users to label events in live observations or in QuickTime movies, summarize event timings, and play back labeled events in customized configurations. Scribe 4's output presents (1) chronological records of event timings, (2) interactive timelines representing coded behavior, and (3) summary tables that describe data recorded over the course of observation intervals. Scribe 4 can record data directly from QuickTime movies, linking the data record to the video file. This permits users to replay labeled events in ways that illuminate relationships among variables of interest.
    (Added: 13-Aug-2009 Hits: 651)
  • SimplePractice
    Cloud-based practice management for Psychologists, Social Workers, Therapists and Counselors. Easily access and edit clinical notes, diagnosis & treatment plans, billing history, and appointment schedules with bank-level data encryption. Set client-specific service codes and rates. Schedule single and recurring appointments and sync calendar with your smartphone and tablet. Secure iPhone app coming in September. SimplePractice has everything you need to run a complete and efficient practice. Every feature, one price - no hidden fees. Start your 30-day free trial today. Secure. Smart. Simple!
    (Added: 31-Aug-2013 Hits: 255)
  • Sniffy, The Virtual Rat
    Sniffy the Virtual Rat, is a fun, interactive software program that gives undergraduate students a virtual laboratory experience without all the drawbacks of using a real laboratory rat. Using Sniffy, students can explore operant and classical by performing experiments that demonstrate most of the major conditioning phenomena discussed in textbooks on the psychology of learning.
    (Added: 1-Mar-2000 Hits: 3157)
  • SoftPsych
    Software for diagnosis and treatment of medical & psychiatric disorders.Software for Windows,Palm OS and Pocket PC/Windows Mobile.
    (Added: 23-Apr-2006 Hits: 2763)
  • SR Research Experiment Builder
    SR Research Ltd's Experiment Builder is a powerful, icon-driven programming environment for Windows XP/Vista/7 and MacOS X 10.5. Capable of complex yet precise visual and auditory stimulus delivery, Experiment Builder has many features built-in for the support of the EyeLink series of eye trackers and other third-party devices. A free demo version is available, as are updates and sample projects through SR Research's support website. Experiment Builder is simple enough for a novice undergraduate user but with features rich enough to serve advanced experiment paradigms.
    (Added: 26-Mar-2010 Hits: 589)
  • SuperLab
    SuperLab Pro is an experimental lab software for building experiments, running them on subjects, and collecting data. You can use it to build most types of experiments that require presenting visual stimuli on the screen, auditory stimuli via speakers, controlling or synchronizing with lab equipment such as fMRI, EEG, shutters, and so forth. The collected data, which includes reaction time, is saved in text-only file which can be read by almost all spreadsheet or statistics software.
    (Added: 27-Dec-2003 Hits: 3276)
  • Target Explorer
    Target Explorer is a simple to use, yet powerful and very affordable behavior graphing program designed to help you manage and make sense out of your behavioral data.
    (Added: 22-Jun-2007 Hits: 537)
  • - Software for Mental Health
    TheraNest is an easy to use mental health EMR software. It has a great calendar with group and recurring appointments. Appointment reminders by text, voice and email to reduce cancellations and no shows. Upload client files, create invoices, accept payments including credit cards. Set re-authorization reminders. Enter case notes - progress notes, treatment plans, discharge summary, etc., searchable DSM database, CPT codes. Tons of reports and dashboards, and much more. Free 30-day trial.
    (Added: 24-Aug-2013 Hits: 269)
  • Therapy Partner
    Integrated private practice management and billing software for psychiatrists, psychologists, MFTs, LPCCs and LCSWs in private practice. Includes credit card storage and merchant services, notes, charting, appointment scheduler, insurance billing and business management support.
    (Added: 12-May-2012 Hits: 588)
  • TherapyCharts
    TherapyCharts? treatment planning electronic health record (EHR) system provides a pleasant and affordable way to manage your patient records, keep up with best practices, and stay on top of insurance claim requirements. Say hello to the fresh new look of your office. Without the cost, clutter and wasted effort of paper-based documentation, you can now spend more time on what really matters ? helping people get better.
    (Added: 12-Jun-2010 Hits: 1376)
    An Online Practice Management System for Psychologists, Therapists, and Psychiatrists. TherapyNotes is web software designed specifically for Mental Health Practice Management. It's easy-to-use, secure, and the best management system available for your practice. Use Notes, Scheduling, To Do Lists, Billing, EMR, and many other features with TherapyNotes. Sign up and start using TherapyNotes today and receive a 30 Day FREE Trial!
    (Added: 4-Feb-2011 Hits: 1242)
  • Therasoft Online
    Internet based practice management software solution for professional counselors, marriage therapists and social workers. The most comprehensive practice management software for therapists. Our solution enables a mental health professional to operate in a paperless office environment with the use of simple scanning technology and electronic filing cabinets
    (Added: 4-Jan-2010 Hits: 3238)
  • VR Worlds 2
    VR Worlds 2 is designed for the creation and execution of neurobehavioral studies in a virtual environment. The VR Worlds 2 platform allows accurate, real-time data collection of the navigation and interactions within a simulated environment. Bundled with the content package of your choice, you are free to design and perform custom or predefined experiments tailored to your personal research or clinical needs.
    (Added: 2-Jul-2009 Hits: 423)
  • WebExp
    A Java-based system for conducting psychological experiments over the web, from the University of Edinburgh.
    (Added: 13-May-2008 Hits: 1263)
  • Zulliger Online
    This home page is for professionals or students that uses the Zulliger Test, therefore there is available to use in online mode a software that will aid you to elaborate the Psychogram through the Hans Zulliger's methodology.
    (Added: 26-May-2008 Hits: 583)

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