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  • Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research
    Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research is the official publication of the Research Society on Alcoholism and the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism. It is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes papers based on original research that make substantial contributions to the understanding of the etiology, treatment, and prevention of alcohol-related disorders.
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  • Applied Cognitive Psychology
    Applied Cognitive Psychology seeks to publish the best papers dealing with psychological analyses of memory, learning, thinking, problem solving, language, and consciousness as they occur in the real world. Applied Cognitive Psychology will publish papers on a wide variety of issues and from diverse theoretical perspectives. The journal focusses on studies of human performance and basic cognitive skills in everyday environments including, but not restricted to, studies of eyewitness memory, autobiographical memory, spatial cognition, skill training, expertise and skilled behaviour.
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  • Applied Psycholinguistics
    Applied Psycholinguistics publishes original research papers on the psychological processes involved in language. It examines language development and defects in adults and children with and without developmental disabilities. Articles in Applied Psycholinguistics address the nature, acquisition and impairments of language expression and comprehension, including writing and reading.
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  • Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice
    Applied Psychology in Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary, peer reviewed, academic journal that is devoted to examining the intersection of psychology and criminal justice. APCJ is an international electronic journal and articles are published o­n a quarterly basis with regular volume numbers. All peer-reviewed articles must meet rigorous standards and can represent a broad range of theoretical orientations, empirical methods, analytic strategies, and substantive topics. Material that is unlikely to be published in APCJ includes opinion and editorial manuscripts, empirical research that is not theoretically grounded, book reviews, and work outside the purview of psychology and criminal justice.
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  • Applied Psychology: An International Review
    Applied Psychology is the official journal of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP). The Journal, which is now in its 49th volume, is a forum for scholarly exchange in research findings and reviews in applied psychology. These include organizational behavior, leadership, cross-cultural psychology, work motivation, psychological assessment and evaluation, performance measurement, training, job attitudes, career development, negotiation and conflict resolution, work stress, organizational design and interventions, consumer behavior, national development, group, environmental, educational, economic, political, developmental, health, sport, and traffic psychology.
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  • Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology (AJEDP)
    The AJEDP is a double blind peer reviewed online journal publishing research and scholarly reports from the broad areas of educational and developmental psychology. The journal aims to attract publication from a diversity of theoretical and methodological perspectives, encompassing research and scholarship relevant to understanding the learning processes across all age groups and across all educational settings.
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  • Contemporary Educational Psychology
    Contemporary Educational Psychology publishes articles that involve the application of psychological theory and science to the educational process. Of particular relevance are descriptions of empirical research and the presentation of theory designed to either explicate or enhance the educational process. In addition, reviews of educational research are encouraged if the research being reviewed involves the application of psychological science to an important educational issue.
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  • Cyberpsychology: Journal of psychosocial research on cyberspace
    The 'Cyberpsychology: Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace' is a web-based, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. It is focussed on social science research into cyberspace, while bringing psychosocial reflections of the Internet impact onto people and society. The journal is interdisciplinary, publishing works written by scholars of psychology, media studies, sociology, political science, and other disciplines. The Cyberpsychology Journal brings out original papers, as well as theoretical studies and research meta-analyses.
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  • European Journal of Psychological Assessment
    The EJPA is the official organ of the European Association of Psychological Assessment (EAPA). It is also sponsored by the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP, Division 2). The main purpose of the EJPA is to present important articles which provide seminal information on both theoretical and applied developments in this field. Articles reporting the construction of new measures or an advancement of an existing measure are given priority. The journal is directed to practitioners as well as to academicians: The conviction of its editors is that the discipline of psychological assessment should, necessarily and firmly, be attached to the roots of psychological science, while going deeply into all the consequences of its applied, practice-oriented development.
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  • European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology
    It is the express aim of EJWOP to bring professionals and academics into closer collaboration. To this end we have chosen a series of topics for each issue which are of immediate relevance to the world of work. What's more, we have ensured a dual perspective by inviting an academic and a practitioner wherever possible as Guest Editors for each issue; and the traditional academic format of a sequence of articles has been replaced by a mixture of articles, case studies, reviews of instruments etc.
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  • Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research
    Semi-annual publication devoted to applications of experimental studies in psychology to health hazards and related social issues (e.g., laboratory and field research in such areas as health, population growth, crowding, eating or sleep disorders, pain, violence, poverty, environmental stress, exercise, cross-cultural differences and gender differences in behavioral and biological response to stimuli, drug abuse and addiction, workplace safety and health, behavioral medicine, and environmental psychology).
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  • Journal of Applied Psychology
    The Journal of Applied Psychology is devoted primarily to original investigations that contribute new knowledge and understanding to fields of applied psychology other than clinical and applied experimental or human factors. The journal considers quantitative investigations of interest to psychologists doing research or working in such settings as universities, industry, government, urban affairs, police and correctional systems, health and educational institutions, transportation and defense systems, labor unions, and consumer affairs.
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  • Journal of Applied Social Psychology
    Semi-monthly publication devoted to applications of experimental behavioral science research to problems of society (e.g., organizational and leadership psychology, safety, health, and gender issues; perceptions of nuclear war and natural hazards; jury deliberation; performance, psychology of AIDS and sports).
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  • Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
    The Journal of Applied Sport Psychology is a nonproprietary journal that is operated by the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology for the promotion of quality research in the field of applied sport psychology. The JASP is designed to advance thought, theory and research on applied aspects of sport psychology.
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  • Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
    The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization is devoted to theoretical and empirical research concerning economic decision, organization and behavior and to economic change in all its aspects. Its specific purposes are to foster an improved understanding of how human cognitive, computational and informational characteristics influence the working of economic organizations and market economies and how an economy's structural features lead to various types of micro and macro behavior, to changing patterns of development and to institutional evolution.
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  • Journal of Educational Psychology
    The main purpose of the Journal of Educational Psychology is to publish original, primary psychological research pertaining to education at every educational level, from interventions during early childhood to educational efforts directed at elderly adults. A secondary purpose of the Journal is the occasional publication of exceptionally important theoretical and review articles that are directly pertinent to educational psychology.
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  • Journal of Environmental Psychology
    The Journal of Environmental Psychology is directed toward individuals in a wide range of disciplines who have an interest in the study of the transactions and interrelationships between people and their sociophysical surroundings (including man-made and natural environments) and the relation of this field to other social and biological sciences and to the environmental professions.
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  • Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied
    The mission of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied is to publish original empirical investigations in experimental psychology that bridge practically oriented problems and psychological theory. The journal also publishes research aimed at developing and testing of models of cognitive processing or behavior in applied situations, including laboratory and field settings.
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  • Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology
    The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry (JFP) is the leading international journal in the field. Throughout the world, psychiatrists, psychologists, criminologists, lawyers, sociologists, social workers and other legal and medical professionals use this journal as their major forum for penetrating, informed global debate on the latest developments and disputes affecting the practice of forensic psychiatry.
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  • Journal of Managerial Psychology
    Journal of Managerial Psychology deals with the human resource aspects of managing and provides an understanding of psychology to equip managers better to deal with difficult personnel situations. Applying psychological principles to areas such as stress and conflict allows managers to handle difficult situations confidently and as a result, enjoy improved motivation, better communication and lower stress levels both for themselves and their staff.
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  • Journal of Media Psychology
    The Journal of Media Psychology (JMP, ISSN 1864-1105) is committed to publishing original, high-quality papers which cover the broad range of media psychological research, including various media, applications, and user groups. The journal is also open to research from neighboring disciplines as far as this work ties in with psychological concepts of the uses and effects of the media. The journal in particular invites submissions that are multidisciplinary and reflect a broader theoretical and methodological spectrum. Submissions of comparative work, e.g., cross-media, cross-gender, or cross-cultural, are encouraged.
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  • Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
    The Journal of Occupational Health Psychology publishes research, theory, and public policy articles in occupational health psychology, an interdisciplinary field representing a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and specializations. Occupational health psychology concerns the application of psychology to improving the quality of worklife and to protecting and promoting the safety, health, and well-being of workers.
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  • Journal of Online Behavior
    The Journal of Online Behavior (JOB) is concerned with the empirical study of human behavior in the online environment, and with the impact of evolving communication and information technology upon individuals, groups, organizations, and society.
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  • Journal of Organizational Behavior
    The Journal of Organizational Behavior aims to report and review the growing research in the industrial/organizational psychology and organizational behavior fields throughout the world. The journal will focus on research and theory in all the topics associated with occupational/organizational behavior including motivation, work performance, equal opportunities at work, job design, career processes, occupational stress, quality of work life, job satisfaction, personnel selection, training, organizational change, research methodology in occupational/organizational behavior, employment, job analysis, behavioral aspects of industrial relations, managerial behavior, organizational structure and climate, leadership and power.
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  • Journal of Personnel Psychology
    The Journal of Personnel Psychology is a periodical dedicated to international research in psychology as it relates to the working environment and the people who “inhabit” it. The journal welcomes excellent empirical and theoretical contributions to basic and applied research in personnel psychology and related methodology. Reviews are also welcome. Articles deal with all fields in personnel psychology, including selection, performance measurement, motivation, leadership, organizational commitment, personnel development and training, new test developments, and job analysis.
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  • Journal of School Psychology
    The Journal of School Psychology publishes original articles on empirical research and practice relevant to the development of school psychology as both a scientific and an applied speciality. JSP reflects research on psychometrics and instrumentation, quantitative approaches to inquiry, and a focus on theoretically-grounded intervention and consultation practices.
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  • Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
    The Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology (JSEP) publishes research articles by leading world scholars that explore the interactions between psychology and exercise and sport performance, editorials about contemporary issues in the field, abstracts of current research on sport and exercise psychology, and book reviews. JSEP is an official publication of the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA).
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  • Journal of Technology in Human Services
    The Journal of Technology in Human Services explores the uses and potentials of computer and related technologies in mental health, developmental disabilities, welfare, and other human services. It covers the full range of applications, including direct service technologies. It not only provides the necessary historical perspectives on the use of technology in the human service field, but it also presents articles providing technology literacy and state-of-the-art developments.
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  • Journal of Vocational Behavior
    The Journal of Vocational Behavior publishes empirical and theoretical articles that expand knowledge of vocational behavior and career development across the life span. Research presented in the journal encompasses the general categories of career choice, implementation, and vocational adjustment and adaptation. The articles contribute to a theoretical understanding of career choice and vocational adjustment and are also valuable for applications in counseling and career development programs in colleges and universities, business and industry, government, and the military.
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  • Life Span and Disability: An Interdisciplinary Journal
    Life Span and Disability, founded in 1998, promotes interdisciplinary research about psychological, social, educational, rehabilitative and neuro psychological aspects of the human life span. The aim is to give diffusion to the scientific studies of persons who have to cope with cognitive and emotional and interpersonal problems ? for transient or persistent reasons ? in the different periods of the life, when specific existential events (e.g., adolescence, lost of work, retirement, end of fertility, normal and pathological aging) could cause disease or actual disability. The neuropsychological and social aspects of Intellectual Disability, and the strategies to enhance the cognitive rehabilitation and the quality of life of these persons, were a main target in the published studies.
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  • Psychology in the Schools
    Psychology in the Schools is a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal devoted to research, opinion, and practice. The journal welcomes theoretical and applied manuscripts, focusing on the issues confronting school psychologists, teachers, counselors, administrators, and other personnel workers in schools and colleges, public and private organizations.
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  • Psychology, Crime & Law
    This journal promotes the study and application of psychological approaches to crime, criminal and civil law, and the influence of law on behavior. The content will include the aetiology of criminal behavior and studies of different offender groups; crime detection, for example, interrogation and witness testimony; courtroom studies in areas such as jury behavior, decision making, divorce and custody, and expert testimony; behavior of litigants, lawyers, judges, and court officers, both in and outside the courtroom; issues of offender management including prisons, probation, and rehabilitation initiatives; and studies of public, including victim, reactions to crime and the legal process.
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  • Reading and Writing Quarterly
    Reading and Writing Quarterly provides direction in educating a mainstreamed population for literacy. It disseminates critical information to improve instruction for regular and special education students who have difficulty learning to read and write. Interdisciplinary in scope, the journal addresses the causes, prevention, evaluation, and remediation of reading and writing difficulties in regular and special education settings.
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  • Reading Psychology
    Prepared exclusively by professionals, this refereed journal publishes original manuscripts in the fields of literacy, reading, and related psychology disciplines. Articles appear in the form of completed research; practitioner-based "experiential" methods or philosophical statements; teacher and counselor preparation services for guiding all levels of reading skill development, attitudes, and interests; programs or materials; and literary or humorous contributions.
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  • Rehabilitation Psychology
    Rehabilitation psychologists consider the entire network of biological, psychological, social, environmental, and political factors that affect the functioning of persons with disabilities or chronic illness. Given the breadth of rehabilitation psychology, the journal's scope is broadly defined.
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  • Rorschachiana
    Rorschachiana is the scientific publication of the International Society for the Rorschach. Its aim is to publish scientific work in the field for (and by) an international audience. The journal is interested in advancing theory and clinical applications of the Rorschach and other projective techniques, and research work that can enhance and promote projective methods.
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  • The Prevention Researcher
    The Prevention Researcher acts as a "science-to-service" intermediary to provide concise, timely and accessible snapshots of cutting edge behavioral research to health and human service professionals nationwide.
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  • Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour
    Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour focuses on the behavioural and psychological aspects of traffic and transport, providing a long-needed single journal dedicated to this rapidly-expanding field. The aim of the journal is to enhance theory development, improve the quality of empirical studies and to stimulate the application of research findings in practice. TRF will provide a focus and a means of communication for the considerable amount of research activities that are now being carried out in this field. The journal will provide a forum for transportation researchers, psychologists, ergonomists, engineers and policy-makers with an interest in traffic and transport psychology.
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