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  • Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children
    The Berger Institute for Work, Family, and Children educates students, scholars, law-makers, and the community about a wide range of work and family issues including the effects of changing demographics and diversity on work-family balance, the business case for family-friendly workplaces, poverty issues for working families, and the relationships among stress, health, and child development. We approach our research from a number of disciplines including psychology, economics, sociology, and public policy to study the challenges that face working individuals, families, communities, and businesses and to effect change through the application of our research findings.
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  • Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
    The Cambridge Center's mission is to help people find effective solutions to behavior problems. In essence, the Center is a connecting link between the research community and society, seeking to bridge this gap by sponsoring activities that disseminate and interpret behavioral research findings for the benefit of those in society whose problems involve human behavior.
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  • Center for Advanced Multimedia Psychotherapy
    CAMP currently uses virtual reality exposure therapy in combination with physiological feedback to treat fear of flying, fear of driving, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, social phobia, and driving deficits. In addition, multimedia physiological systems are used to treat arachnophobia, physiological disorders, and stress-related disorders such as headache, hypertension, chronic pain, Raynaud's disease, TMJ disorder, and attention-deficit disorder. Biofeedback-assisted therapy is also used to treat other anxiety disorders including panic disorder, fear of public speaking, and other phobias. Pelvic muscle rehabilitation, in combination with patient education, are used to treat those with Urinary Incontinence.
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  • Clinical Psychoacoustics Laboratory
    The Clinical Psychoacoustics Laboratory conducts basic and applied hearing research, specifically aimed at understanding and correcting impaired hearing. Research areas include sensorineural hearing loss, cochlear implants, and otoacoustic emissions.
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  • Dare Institute
    The Dare Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization that supports endeavors in the arts and sciences. Several psychological research programs incubated by the Dare Association have grown into external groups, including Adult Development, Society for Quantitative Analysis of Behavior, and Society for Research in Adult Development. The Dare Association supports the artistic activities of Kirana Institute for North Indian Music, The Theatre of Eternal Music, and Settima Prattica Center; and also supports the applied behavioral science activities of Center for African Reproductive Health and Grupo Para Terceira Idade e Infancia (Group for the Third Age and Childhood (GATIII)), an elder-abuse prevention organization.
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  • HealthEmotions - Scientifically Determining How Emotions Influence Health
    The HealthEmotions Research Institute seeks to use state-of-the-art scientific methods developed for the study of illness to study the relationship between positive emotions and health. Understanding how positive states of mind influence the body is part of the next great frontier in brain research. The results will have profound consequences for our understanding of the biology of positive emotion, our concept of health, the prevention of disease and the promotion of resilience.
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  • Institute for Psychological Research at Universidad del Salvador (IIPUS)
    Website of the Institute for Psychological Research at Universidad del Salvador (IIPUS). The IIPUS is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and conducts research on cognitive and mathematical psychology. Main research areas: reasoning, decision making, heuristics and biases, working memory, gustative memory, olfactory memory. A research group on methodology for the behavioral sciences is also active at IIPUS.
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  • Institute of HeartMath
    While psychology has primarily focused on improving health and well-being by reducing negative emotions, relatively little research has explored the impact of positive emotions on physiological processes and psychological functioning. Through our research we have found ways to lead to a distinct mode of physiological function that is correlated with improved cognitive function and health-related outcomes.
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  • Laboratory of Comparative Psychoacoustics
    Research in the Laboratory of Comparative Psychoacoustics is aimed at understanding how animals communicate with one another using sound and whether there are parallels with how humans communicate with one another using speech and language. Almost all of our work is with birds because many species of songbirds and parrots, like humans, rely on hearing and learning to develop a normal vocal repertoire.
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  • Murray Research Center
    The Henry A. Murray Research Center of Radcliffe is a center for the study of lives. The center's primary purpose is to promote the use of existing social science data to explore human development and social change. To this end the center has established a national archive of over 270 studies that it makes available for new research. Murray Center staff researchers work in the areas of sociology (social stratification, sociology of the life course, and sociology of the family) and psychology (cognitive, social, and personality development).
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  • O.R.T. Institute
    O.R.T. Institute is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Object Relations Technique. The ORT is a projective technique for personality assessment, in which the subject writes a brief story for each of 12 stimulus images. The Institute provides a variety of materials and services to researchers and practitioners with an interest or involvement in the Technique, including the new standard and fully-authorized edition of the ORT Plates (stimulus materials), and the first comprehensive system for 'scoring' the ORT.
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  • The Institute of Work, Health and Organisations
    I-WHO is a postgraduate research institute in the Faculty of Law & Social Sciences. It focuses on the contribution that applied psychology can make to occupational and public health and safety, and the management of related health services. Occupational psychology, occupational health psychology and health and clinical psychology are among its defining interests.
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