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  • Changing Minds pop
    World's largest site (1500+ pages) on all aspects of how we change one anothers' minds. From psychology theories to practical applications.
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  • Effects of Music in a Retail Setting on Real & Perceived Shopping Times pop
    This paper extends research linking shopping behavior to environmental factors through changes in emotional states. With time fixed or variable during a simulated shopping experiment, shoppers were exposed to music varying by degree of familiarity. Afterward, subjects reported their perceptions of shopping duration, their emotional states, and their merchandise evaluations. Analyses revealed that individuals reported themselves as shopping longer when exposed to familiar music but actually shopped longer when exposed to unfamiliar music.
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  • Food Psychology
    Food Psychology is a collection of information compiled by the Food and Brand Lab at Cornell University that seeks to answer the question "why we eat what". Areas discussed include overeating, grocery shopping psychology, nutrition, restaurant behavior, and a lot more.
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  • Gender Identity in Consumer Behavior Research
    This paper presents a thorough review, grounded in theoretical models of gender identity, of consumer behavior studies in the marketing literature that have examined gender identity. Based on the literature review, the paper evaluates whether gender identity research is still warranted, and proposes specific research questions to guide future research.
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  • Market Research Portal
    The site gives free access to various industry information including articles written by industry professionals (including market research in general, qualitative research, quantitative research, survey methods, statistics and various others), career and job related information, book lists, up-to-date news etc...
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  • Taking ADvantage
    This is the text to Taking ADvantage, a book on the physical and cultural evolution of human beings, how that evolution has affected human subconscious processing of stimuli, and how advertising takes advantage (thus the title) of that processing by creating stimuli.
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